How to Break the Vicious Morning Caffeine Cycle

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Identifying the Cycle

How often do we reach for a cup of Joe in the morning? In the morning, a hot cup of liquid with a stimulant in it can sound like your best friend. Use it too much however, and you can develop a mental and physical dependence on it, causing you to wake up feeling even groggier and more lethargic than usual.

It is a very common thing, however for maximum efficiency should actually be used only in moderation..not for daily overuse!

Breaking the habit– In order to break your coffee habit, try switching to herbal tea, not only will it reverse whatever coffee burnt out of your adrenergic receptors, but also will it still give you that hot drink you will also help perk you up in the morning in a more natural way. Alternatives to the stereotypical norm Phenylpiracetam, and Aniracetam along with a cup of tea can help greatly with achieving that caffeine like buzz that high doses of coffee can cause.

More Information

Phenylpiracetam provides the physical, stimulant like effect, aniracetam provides the calming, loss of anxiety its euphoria can sometimes produce, and finally, the tea will dissolve them in a nice, hot, flavorful drink! Why it’s actually more efficient to quit When you’re drinking five or six cups of coffee a day, it may actually be more efficient for your brain if you quit. That being said, a single cup of coffee each day can actually help stall mental decline, aid productivity, and keep you lean and energized.

Final Thoughts

Caffeine can be beneficial on a moderate basis, and sometimes even on the regular, as long as its not overdone. If you want to quit caffeine for health, efficiency, or even financial reasons, this is the way to do it, it will be quick and painless, and I can tell from experience how much better you will feel not needing coffee on a regular basis anymore. So go for it and give up that coffee habit!!! For a better caffeine alternative, check out nootropics…

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