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  • Huperzine A for quitting Smoking

    Huperzine A for Quitting Smoking     When someone wants to quit smoking it becomes difficult kicking the habit and even if you do, you might catch up on it again. This may happen again and again because of the cravings and temptation for smoking. The result is endless coughing, pale lips, uncomfortable breathing and much more. There are many options for alternate smoking, but it may not work for any and everyone. Say for instance, Nicotine patches may cause nausea in some, Xanax...
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  • What is Huperzine A?

    What is Huperzine A?-Dosages, what it does and how to use it   Huperzine A is one of the most profound memory supplements available and has only recently had a massive popularity spike. A herbal nootropic, and surely the most potent of its class, it is extremely synergistic with all nootropics, and has the added synergy benefit of helping to potentiate the mechanism of action of many alzheimer’s drugs. It helps reduce memory loss in the elderly while enhancing hippocampal activity in...
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