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  • Phenylalanine Side Effects

    Phenylalanine Side Effects Should you Supplement Phenylalanine when Taking Psycho Stimulants Phenylalanine is known as one of the most precious amino acids in the market today. It exists in several forms, and it can as well be synthesized in the lab. Its usage has gained recognition due to bringing quick relief from the symptoms of most neurological disorders with fewer side effects. D and L phenylalanine are the forms that abundantly exist, leading to them used as precursors to...
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  • Can you take Phenylalanine with Adderall?

    Checkout our CDP Choline selection for a similar healing nootropic to Phenylalanine. Can you take Phenylalanine with Adderall? The symbiosis between phenylalanine and psycho stimulants is still very unclear. Phenylalanine is a type of amino acid that exists in several forms. D and L phenylalanine are the major forms that are known throughout the world. Psycho stimulants, on the other hand, are drugs that stimulate the mind functioning and state, through different mechanisms. It...
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  • Phenylalanine vs. L-Tyrosine for Amphetamine Recovery

    Get the Most Powerful Nootropic on the Market Right Here, Hydrafinil! Phenylalanine vs. L-Tyrosine For amphetamine recovery, and specifically in the realm of ADHD psychostimulant withdrawal, there are two specific amino acids which can help to speed up and likely eliminate your symptoms of withdrawal. These two amino acids are the precursors  to the neurotransmitter dopamine (as well as norepinephrine to a lesser extent) in the brain, which will help your brain create it much faster...
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