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  • Picamilon Side Effects | Smart Drugs for College

    Picamilon Side Effects Picamilon is a vasodilator, which increases the blood flow to the brain, and it has been used as a mood enhancer and a pill to treat anxiety, as well as improve mood and depression,without the harsh wthdrawals and side effects of many prescription medications- Picamilon side effects in the case of high dosages however, can be absolutely horrendous. The supplement is known in the nootropic community as one that can enhance memory as well as the cognitive powers...
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  • Picamilon vs Phenibut, Buy Picamilon/Phenibut $4.99 each!

      Picamilon vs Phenibut, which is a better mood booster? Related Products Capsules Buy Online More about Phenibut for Anxiety Benefits Side Effects Is Safe? How Long Does Phenibut Last? Withdrawal Picamilon vs Phenibut for Sleep Review When it comes to drugs consumed for enhancing memory or improving cognitive faculties, Picamilon has been very popular and effective. Another similar formulation with equal effectiveness...
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  • What is Picamilon?

    What is Picamilon? Picamilon, also known as pycamilon or pikamilon or in chemical terms nicotinoyl-GABA, is one of the widely used drugs. It was first synthesized by the All Union Vitamin Research Institute in 1970 in the Soviet Union. The official rights for the drug is with a pharmaceutical company in Russia as Russia is the country where this drug was first tested. Further studies were undertaken both by Russia and Japan, and now it is sold as a prescription drug in Russia. In...
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