A Brief Review Of CDP Choline

What Is The Purpose For Using CDP Choline?

CDP Choline should be a replacement to that brain supplement that you feel is not working anymore. This drug is known to be a great brain booster with great safety standards. It is even rated as having low toxicity levels as compared to other drugs classified as brain boosters. The CDP Choline clinical trials have shown that the drug is good for treating conditions such as glaucoma, brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, and Hypoxia. My own personal CDP Choline review is that the drug is fantastic for stacking with racetam-like nootropic drugs, and as a mind, improvement supplement all on its own.

CDP Choline Benefits

 CDP Choline for a while now has proved to be of great importance when it comes to enhancing intellect and brainpower. The supplement will help a person to have an increased memory capacity and ability to recall faster. This drug could easily be popular among the college students who sometimes tend to find it hard to memorize all the formulas in class.

Another important cognitive benefit is that it will increase blood flow in the body. With an increased blood flow, the nutrients and oxygen in the body will reach every part that needs them. There is also an increase in glucose uptake that is important for metabolism to generate high levels of energy.

We all need mental energy to help us concentrate more on whether it is at work or in class. The CDP Choline drug will stimulate and boost mental energy to keep you active and alert at all times. Many people who work for long hours could use such a drug. CDP Choline review logs are almost entirely positive, and typically discuss how the drug improved the clarity of thought, motivation, and productivity.

If you are on the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the drug could help you to postpone its effects. It will boost your memory for a longer time than your peers who already have the disease. This feature helps it to decrease the effect of cognitive disorders on the brain.

Recommended Dosage

The dosage of CDP Choline depends on the reason for taking it in the first place. Some people might take it for alertness while others take it for cognitive disorders. If you want to achieve the maximum benefits of the drug, consider taking 500mg to 1000mg per day. Some users might recommend going for more, but that is not the best thing to do. When starting the dose, it is better to start at a lower dose before increasing it later on. Taking the high doses initially is what might likely lead to interactions and side effects. If you have to take more than 1000mg per day, make sure it is coming from a doctor who as diagnosed a condition in your body.

Side Effects

 The drug is safe for use, but sometimes people tend to experience some side effects. The side effects can be due to improper dosage or because of other drug interactions. Here are the common side effects associated with the drug.

  • Headaches
  • A drop in blood pressure
  • Nervousness
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

Generally, the side effects are rare and might vary from one person to another. This is because the drug is rated to have a safe toxicity index.

Long-Term Use

 If used for a longer time, the CDP Choline drug will help in regenerating the brain cells faster. Having fast regeneration means that a person becomes sharper at doing things. You will always have better-recalling memory.

Your eye health could benefit from using this drug. Most people who have used it claim it has helped them getter visual acuity. Just make sure it is within the recommended dosage to get the most benefits from the drug.

The elderly who are looking to remember things on their own without asking someone else first, they should consider using this drug. It helps to decrease cases of cognitive disorders.

Short-Term Use

 CDP Choline is for people who are looking to stay active for a while to finish up on an important presentation. The drug will still increase the metabolism in your body to help so as you get the energy required to keep going.

It can still be a great mental booster, especially for the college students studying for the exam. You will have more mental energy to handle all the tough equations that might be needed during the exam.


The CDP Choline drug was created to aid in the treatment of chronic cerebral vasculopathy. The drug was first introduced back in 1994 by Arch Gerontol Geriatr. Close to 92 patients who suffered from cognitive disorders were treated with the drug with an aim to check out its capabilities. An additional cycle of therapy was used to help the users to recover their memories too. At the end of the tests, it was concluded that the drug was good for boosting cognitive functionalities and other benefits to the body.

Is this legal?

 Yes, CDP Choline is legal in many countries. Countries such as the United States, UK, Germany, and Russia allow the importation and sale of this drug. You should be in a position to get it from your nearest drug store. The drug is however not sold easily over the counter. In most cases, a prescription is needed before it can be sold to a person. It is still better to visit the doctor to check out your condition before deciding that taking the drug is good for you.

Online Reviews

 Freda Hallet –

“I felt like that at some point I was getting Alzheimer’s disease so a friend recommended me to check out the CDP Choline drug. Other reviews about the drug gave me enough confidence that I was actually making the right decision. This drug worked for me, it could do the same for you.”

Joseph Sherlock –

“Studying for the end year exams is always hard with all the performance pressure. I do not make it a habit, but I tend to use CDP Choline sometimes to help me stay focused when am studying. I am able to grasp the concepts faster than before when it was without using CDP Choline.”

Final Thoughts

People use brain supplements for various reasons, just make sure not to overuse it. Sometimes it can be tempting to overuse it thinking that you will be smarter. Overusing any drug just leads to side effects. CDP Choline has received many positive reviews on what it claims to offer. There is no reason not to try it out.


  1. Vincent
    , 2016-08-03

    Due to slow working thyroid i suffer from cognitive problems such as bad memory, low alertness, slow thinking and unability to solve complex cognitive tasks. Im using cpd choline and it works great!!! Brainfog was gone after using it for 2 days, i have way more clearity in my had and thought, i notice a big difference in de speed of thoughts. This product is definitly i will use for the long term. The dose i use is 250 mg. Greets Vincent Netherlands


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