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There are many online stores to purchase nootropics, but not all of them provide high quality and good value products. Ceretropic was founded in 2013 and has made a name for themselves for producing cutting-edge research chemicals and intellectual enhancing medications.

They are useful for new and cutting-edge smart drugs and for some unique nootropic solutions. Ceretropic is basically a nootropics supplier based in Phoenix, AZ. Their aim is to push the nootropics space forward by putting out unique concoctions and easier ways of preparation. Ceretropic specializes in unique products which are not often seen in other online nootropic stores.

Ceretropic is a trusted platform for ordering nootropics. Generally known for their quality, the site offers nootropics at reasonable prices. The user can order in bulk to avail higher discounts. Their inventory is comprised of some newer or more exotic nootropics that are challenging to find on other online stores, for example, semax, selank, and methylene blue and they also carry nootropics in the form of solutions, sprays and sublingual preparations as well as in powder form.

The Ceretropic brand has developed hastily within the nootropics world. Since the Ceretropic product line is unique and research-oriented, these products have made it come under the scrutiny of governmental organizations. This Ceretropic review will analyze the worth of this brand along with keeping the safety of customers by various means.

Quality Control

Since their inception, the quality control provisions of Ceretropic have been prodigious. The major testing was done in-house which has further increased Ceretropic’s brand name as being “very reliable” with a high definition of control and testing. The products under Ceretropic are always tested both in third-party labs and in-house which increases product safety.

Moreover, these nootropics suppliers have an ISO clean room and exceptionally stringent superiority to their control processes. These suppliers work with Sigma-Aldrich and USP for reference standards. Thus, Ceretropic is extremely reliable.

Wide Variety of Products

Unlike other online nootropic suppliers like racetams or modafinil, who only focus on one type of nootropic, Ceretropic offers a wide variety of products with high purities. Ceretropic have sublingual nootropics, nootropic resolutions, powders, peptides, and even metabolic enhancements.

They have outgrowths of racetams, modafinil, and much more in their repertoire. This makes their selection of 56 products more unique and varied among similar other online nootropic stores in the industry. It sells proven supplements/nootropic medications. Their products cover everything from nootropics to sex enhancement to testosterone supplementation.

Unique Modes of Administration

As per their aim of pushing the nootropics space forward, Ceretropic has established new, easier ways to administer dosages. These nootropics allow the user to administer their dose using either a syringe, via nasal spray or sublingually, while other companies mostly rely on powdered or encapsulated products.

Ease of Use

One of the things that customers will appreciate is the presence of sorting options that allows browsing through their product catalog and finding the item the user is looking for. The ability of Ceretropic to sort the product out of 56 items listed in their inventory according to the liking of the user saves a lot of time of the user and makes it much easier.

The user has the ability to sort the catalog by presented items, newest items, bestselling, alphabetical (A to Z), average customer review, and price (low to high). Finally, upon clicking on an item the user will be redirected to a product page providing the description of the product.

Ceretropic – Shipping and Fulfillment

Ceretropic handles a large volume of orders and has competitive prices, depending on the nootropic that is being ordered. It has an incredibly competitive pricing policy. It also provides free shipping on majority products. It accepts bitcoin and provides standard payment options. They also offer international shipping for most products, subject to the rules and regulations of the destination nation.

Simple Website Design

The Ceretropic website has professional, user-friendly designs with SSL certifications. The website is easy to navigate and you can simply find what you are searching for with relative ease.

Some negative elements to Ceretropc are as follows:

Lacks Overview of Products

The disadvantage of having the variety of products with methodical names is the fact that customers who are not familiar with their uses will have a hard time presuming out which product is for what use.

It is true that each item listed has a product page where provides the description of the required nootropic, it is still much more time consuming to have to click each and every item in their catalog just to find the usage of each product required. Instead, they could have added a separate overview page in a tabular form listing every product with a brief description of their usage to make things clear and easier for customers.

No Refunds

The effectiveness of nootropics may vary from person to person, because of which some online nootropic stores offer a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee if a customer is unsatisfied with their purchase. However, Ceretropic does not offer any sort of refund if a product does not have the desired effect on a customer or customer is unsatisfied with it. The lack of refunds is disappointing, but the products may just be worth it.

Customer Support

Ceretropic’s customer service team does not have a phone or live chat support and can be contacted via email only.

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