Cheap Alpha GPC Tablets

What is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC is used as a vitamin/supplement. It can also be used as a medicine in some cases. It is the chemical that releases when fatty acids are broken down. Alpha GPC increases “acetylcholine”, which is a natural chemical in the brain. It is essential for brain function and memory.


This can be taken by anyone as a supplement for the purpose of improving memory, to promote clear thinking, and to provide better overall brain function. It can also be prescribed to help improve memory in patients that have dementia and that have had strokes. It can be beneficial to anyone, whether you just want better memory, or if you want to gain your memory back. Alpha GPC is found in a number of nootropic stacks including Alpha ZXT and Alpha brain.

Recommended Dosage

The dosage varies with each person and will be dependent on the person’s age, their health conditions, why they are using Alpha GPC, and what result they would like.


The prices for Alpha GPC can range from reasonably priced to overpriced, depending on where you get them.

Powder vs. Capsules

There are two forms in which you can take Alpha GPC. You can take it in a capsule form or by powder. Many people prefer the capsules since they are easier to get and are more convenient. However, the capsules take way longer for the body to absorb. The powder is absorbed faster which helps in more extreme cases. It is inconvenient in some cases having to carry around powder and then mix it with water or juice though. But the powder is also cheaper than capsules. As a whole, Alpha GPC is a very powerful nootropic and is the most powerful form of choline currently available on the open market.

Side effects

Some side effects can occur. The effects can range from headaches, problems sleeping, heartburn, confusion, and skin rash. Side effects are typically very mild, even with or super cheap Alpha GPC here at Smart Drugs for College. Just for caution’s sake, however, always take the minimum effective dosage to start. This is typically a 1,500-mg capsule. If you’re taking with other nootropics, such as racetams (while this may sound counterintuitive), you can actually take a bit more (possibly 2-3 capsules). It will act as a stabilizing nootropic that will level out the more powerful nootropics, in addition to, reducing a crash and minimize side effects.

Final Thoughts

This can be a very good supplement to take if you want to improve memory or overall brain health. I think this is a product that can help so many people in so many ways. If you think you may have some memory issues or cloudy thinking, it’s definitely important to use Alpha GPC. We have super Cheap Alpha GPC right here at SDFC in a multitude of quantities!

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