Cheap Oxiracetam

What is Oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is a nootropic that enhances learning in students, athletes, college university students, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. It is a branch of supplements known as “Smart Drugs“, and can significantly improve focus.


Oxiracetam is considered a true cognitive enhancer as it has not been shown to have any effects on mood or anxiety. Oxiracetam influences the production of both Glutamate and Acetylcholine which affect the central nervous system culminating in increased learning abilities as well as short term memory.


Take 400mg or 800mg three times a day. Take at least 1 hour before any learning activity.


For 800mg $50.49 on Amazon. For 600mg $42.49 on Amazon.

Powder vs. Capsules

Capsules are more convenient if you’re always on the run and prone to forgetting or prone to not having the time capsules are better. If you have the time to make your pills each day or make a bulk amount of pills at a particular time, then you’ll save a lot of money buying powder in bulk.


As the speedy racetam, the drug has a reputation for being one of the more powerful racetams, as well as over 50 years of clinical trial research backing it.

Online Reviews 

” …very good for being disciplined and helps with alertness, not so much for energy.”

“A good clean energy, no mood enhancement. Gave a laser focus, without the mood enhancement there was no motivation.”

Side Effects

A headache is the most common side effect. Sometimes there’s nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and dizziness. Sometimes lack of sleep and nervousness, these are very rare and not commonly seen. Even cheap Oxiracetam (low price) like the kind sold on this site, is relatively low in side effects. At dosages of 800-2400 milligrams, side effects will be low and benefits high.

Final Thoughts

This is a very nice nootropic, one of the only downsides to it is that it’s not a mood enhancer. If you’re looking for something that makes you more alert and helps with your mood you’ll need to pair this with something else. Otherwise, it’s a very nice nootropic. Oxiracetam, and cheap Oxiracetam especially, is a powerful racetam nootropic that is often termed “the speedy racetam” for how it can slightly influence not only the acetylcholine receptors of the brain (the main benefits of racetams) but also excitatory neurotransmitters, such as dopamine.

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