Cheap Phenylpiracetam

What is this?

Phenylpiracetam is a supplement that helps with cognitive development. It is a powerful nootropic and smart drug that is sold on nearly every nootropics website in a variety of sizes, this is because of the extreme popularity of the supplement. Phenylpiracetam is the original nootropic drug and cheapest racetam, Piracetam, with an added Phenyl isomer to it. This increases the supply of dopamine to the brain and increases certain attributes in the user such as energy, focus, memory, and endurance/athletic performance. Overall, Phenylpiracetam is a really powerful and popular supplement, and we, at, give it an A rating! Phenylpiracetam is an entirely legal supplement and does not require a doctors prescription to get.


  • Increases memory
  • Reduce problems caused by sleep deprivation
  • Can help reduce stress


The starting dosage of Phenylpiracetam is 100-200mg. But, because this is a strong supplement, it is best to start at the lower dosage first rather than using a higher dosage.


This very potent supplement in pill and powder form can range from $10-$80 per bottle.

Powder vs Capsules

While the choice is really a personal choice, the difference between powder and capsule has to do with how well it dissolves. While the powder is absorbed immediately into your bloodstream, the bloodstream, the pills take a while to absorb. For someone who’s new to taking Phenylpiracetam, a pill may be a bit better of a choice so that someone knows that they are getting a proper dosage of the supplement. Phenylpiracetam should not be taken on a long-term, regular basis for best effects, and instead, tolerance breaks should be taken to ensure the effects of the drug stay as potent as possible.


The research has been shown to help with better focus and recall with the patients that have taken Phenylpiracetam. Studies have also shown that Phenylpiracetam can improve energy levels, endurance, and athletic performance.

Online Reviews

A lot of people love taking Phenylpiracetam with other supplements as a part of a daily regimen. It helps a lot alone with energy and motivation. There was a handful of people that have had a problem with building up a tolerance to Phenylpiracetam and its effects. Cheap Phenylpiracetam is available right here at!

Side Effects 

While the side effects are subtle some of the side effects include:

  • Difficulty Sleeping (take it in the morning)
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness

Final Thoughts

Phenylpiracetam seems to be a strong supplement, which does need a ton of discretion while using it. Listening to your body to be sure that you’re tolerating Phenylpiracetam well is an important piece of information to take away by taking it. It’s one of those supplements that the good outweighs the bad for everything that has been read. Don’t forget to subscribe for 10% off all supplements in our nootropics store, as well as a free sample pack of nootropics, a $50 value, absolutely free just for becoming a member of the site! We value our new users that much:)


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