Which Supplement is Actually the Best Choline Source?

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Which type of Choline source is best?

Of all the different types of choline in the market today, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the immense decision of which one is best. This post will serve to determine which type of choline gives the most bang for your buck, which one is the most potent and synergistic with nootropics, and finally, a rankings list of the different types of choline available in the nootropic world today.

As far as potency, the most powerful source of choline available is straight citicholine. Citicholine is also in a sense the most cost effective and generalized nootropic available, allowing for the overall most efficient choline source. Next to that is Alpha GPC Choline, most notably found in the nootropic stack Alpha Brain, made famous by Joe Rogan and Onnit Labs. GPC Choline is the main and most potent ingredient in the solution, alongside the powerful vitamin B 12 and Huperzine A. For an efficient, mildly euphoric, and clear boost of mental energy stack both listed types of choline.

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The final source of choline readily available, is a synthetic derived form of choline known as centrophenoxine. A relatively expensive choline source, it has effects somewhere in between citicholine and alpha GPC, but has effects that are somewhat different than previously listed choline sources. Because centrophenoxine is synthetic, it is a mild nootropic all on its own, and is the best source of choline for stacking racetams, and for aiding them in their departure to the brain.

Here’s my Review of each different choline source, its effects on its own, and finally, how it influences and enhances the feeling of each racetam it is stacked with.

Alpha GPC- A good source of choline, better and more efficient if used in conjunction with a nootropic stack (ie if used in the form of Alpha Brain), and acts nicely in potentiating racetams when supplemented on a regular basis. One of the strongest forms of choline available today, use on a regular basis and your racetams will make you feel smarter, better, and happier then ever.

Citicholine- One of the most cost effective choline sources, works nicely when stacked with racetams, but is most effective when supplemented daily over a long period of time. No actual noticeable effects unless supplemented for months at a time and/or used over time during a racetam regiment. (For best results I’ve found I like to use citicholine when mega dosing Piracetam, as it is cheap enough to provide adequate, high doses of choline, to eliminate headaches, and potentiate the nootropic when dosed frequently.)

Centrophenoxine- A syntheticly derived peptiede form of citicholine, it is in some ways more efficient, like in stacking racetams, potentiating them, and eliminating headaches, but less efficient if used as a nootropic on its own. I recommend using it when mega dosing and/or stacking the basic racetams (piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and pramiracetam.)

Fish Oil-One of the weakest, yet most common forms of choline available, sometimes just adding a basic fish oil supplement in with each meal can be enough choline to eliminate any racetam headaches, as well as potentiate their overall efficiency. I recommend taking fish oil daily anyways, especially when experimenting with nootropics on a regular, or sub-frequent basis.

Final Thoughts

                        Always try out each choline source to see which one works best for you, as each person has different effects with different nootropics when experimenting with them. Post a comment and I’ll get back to you fast!

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