What is Colouracetam? – A new Choline Enhancing Nootropic

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What is Colouracetam and what to expect from it

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Colouracetam is one of the ampakine nootropics, is one of the strongest known and available racetams, and has a mechanism of action that makes it far superior to any other nootropic in its category. Colouracetam enhances high affinity choline uptake (HACU), and also is the only known choline uptake enhance to currently exist. Because of this added and special quality, it is not necessary to supplement this racetam with choline, as it does not burn up and use acetylcholine stores in the same way, but rather repleneshies choline at the same rate as it burns the neurotransmitter, allowing for a more efficient, sustainable effect.

Colouracetam has been shown, in clinical trials, to control and improve learning impairment in case studies, as well as in patients who had otherwise undergone traumatic brain injury in previous years. In numerous studies, it has also been shown that Colouracetam has the ability (with long-term supplementation of the nootropic) to permanently enhance brain function by way of influencing the choline uptake system in a more sustainable and energy fueled way, these long lasting pro-cognitive effects also extend to those who exposed to toxins (drug addiction) reversing brain damage and healing the patient to near completion.

More about Coluracetam

With Colouracetams potent and interesting effects however, also comes a special area of expertise that the nootropic influences in the human body, eyesight. Because Colouracetam influences Choline to such a degree, and improves vision, it restores the optic nerve center of the brain, meaning that those exposed to intense optic nerve damage near the back of the brain can finally seek relief by way of a sustainable, healthy nootropic.

The usual dose used of Colouracetam is 3-35 milligrams, administered in doses throughout each day, and used

over long periods of time in order to benefit from its cumulative effect. Colouracetam has very rapid kinetics, and achieves peak blood level concentration at around the thirty minute mark, meaning you can feel Colouraetam’s potent effects just minutes after ingesting this miracle smart drug!

My Review of Colouracetam:

The first time I took Colouracetam, I took a ten milligram dose, a moderate attack dose meant to get the nootropic in my system as rapidly as possible, and within thirty minutes began to notice a greater sense of mental acuity and endurance, more clarity of thought, and finally, a noticeable boost in the quality of my vision. Coluracetam was kind’ve like taking Phenylpiracetam and Sunifiram combined, only whilst supplementing a highly powerful Choline source, as there was no burnout phase from the nootropic, there was no point where it “wore off”, and overall, the nootropic was very sustainable, without even using a choline source. I recommend Colouracetam for anyone who views nootropics as a long term benefactor and/or solution within their daily lives, yet also for the casual dweller in the supplement industry. Colouracetam has many benefits, and will no doubt take the nootropic world by storm, in further generations to come.

Final Thoughts

Colouracetam, in my opinion, is one of the best supplements for breaking into the nootropic world. Colouracetam strengthens the fluidity of the brain as well as improving its choline uptake mechanism, making it great for enhancing your brain before trying other, more risky (yet powerful) nootropics. So give Colouracetam a shot next time you’r e looking for a strong, yet subtle boost in your overall intelligence! I got mine from ceretropic.com, shipping was fantastic and product was very effective! As always, remember to check out our nootropics store for all your supplement needs

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