Colouracetam Euphoria


Coluracetam Euphoria – A Modern age Memory Enhancer

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Colouracetam Euphoria is a nootropic supplement, from the racetam family, initially developed by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation for Alzheimer’s disease. During the first years, it failed to reach endpoint of the disease in its critical trials, so it was in-licensed by BrainCells Inc. But after being awarded a grant by the state of California, this drug is highly used as a brain enhancer and for any kind of age related memory loss. It was first registered in 2005 and the patent was then transferred to BrainCells Inc. This novel medicine is highly recommended for focus and neuroplasticity and better learning, by many well known experts.
This has been proven that a single dose of this medicine helps to improve the learning impairments present in things like ADHD and depression, and enhances the brains of the mentally healthy. Among the other drugs for depression, it is quite great as it helps to reduce depression and can provide a type of euphoric mood uplift when taken in appropriate dosages. It skyrockets anyone’s mood instantly and quite literally makes them feel great about themselves.  During the trial phase of 2A in 2010, the medicine had shown a promisable result, as a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and also general anxiety problem. Another evidence suggests that this medicine might be particularly effective in the areas of the brain involved in visual processing as well. In the near future this member of the racetam family may show some other qualities regarding brain related diseases. In fact, it gets its name as Colurcetam as it has a  noticeable effect on improving eyesight, and in making shapes and colors more vivid, by its impact on choline, and the acetylcholine recepotors in the brain.

Benefits of Colouracetam Euphoria

Among the several core benefits, the most important benefit is that it helps people who are suffering from memory impairment. It has shown potential long term results to improve the condition of the patients who are suffering from any kind of memory loss. Since limited tests have been conducted on human beings so far, the experiments on animal serve as the best evidence of possible benefits. They showed continued memory improvements even after the supplement had left their system. This supplement has shown noticeable improvement among patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and in types of general anxiety disorders.A test result proves that around one third (36%), of the participants realize a signifiacant improvement in their depression levels. This supplement reduces anxiety levels and stress and allows one to feel deep peace and contentment. Vision and memory however, were the most noticeable cognitive improvements, with mild euphoria taking precedent as the major mood improvement.



More about Coluracetam

Though there is not yet a medically recommended dosage for this supplement, 200mg daily is the generally understood average. Also, the dosage varies from person to person and case to case. For those who are suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and any kind of anxiety issues, taking up to 100mg three times a day can be effective for them. However as person who does not have much experience with smart drugs, starting with a lower dosage, is always recommended; this can be increased over time as more experience is gained in the nootropics industry. Again due to the limited research on this supplement till now, there is a very little information available regarding the toxicity level. The BrainCells Inc. Already indicated that no side effects has been observed when used three times a day with a dosage up to 80mg. The choline headache is also something that is NOT present when taking Coluracetam, as it actually increases acetylcholine levels, rather than simply burning them out.

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