Combining Phenylpiracetam and DMAE

Combining Phenylpiracetam and DMAE

DMAE, which is medically known as Dimethylaminoethanol, is a compound

that exists in a small amount in the brain and can also be found in foods such as the squids and the sardine. This is a supplement that can boost the concentration of one’s mind and make the mood that people work with on a regular basis, significantly better. It has also been linked with the reduction of the anxiety. On the other hand, phenylpiracetam is a drug that is based on piracetam and phenyl added to its structural makeup.  It is known to have very high psychostimulatory effects and thus is a very powerful mental functioning enhancer, which can also be very vital in physical performance. DMAE can help to not only enhance it, but also to ward off any unwanted side effects.

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One is advised to take between 200 to 600 milligrams of Phenylpiracetam a day, which can be subdivided into a smaller amount of say, 200 milligrams thrice a day. In that connection, therefore, it is important to have the information known by the user before using the drug. This is especially when it is being stacked with DMAE. However, on its own, it is not precise, which amount is optimal. DMAE, on the other hand, when being stacked with phenylpiracetam should be taken between 300 to 700 milligrams, and this should be according to the response of the body and the mind of the user. The consumers of the drug should be warned that overdosing is not good at all, and it is one of the major reasons the side effects come along with its usage.


Side effects

The stacking of the two drugs has been associated with a number of effects, which are mild when the right dosage is used, but can be severe if the dosage is in excess. Headache, insomnia and confusion are the most common side effects. Many users have also reported of overly vivid dreams and in many cases, improper bowel movement and constipation. The effects are worse in case the user is expecting. Therefore, lactating and pregnant mothers should avoid it. People with ailments such as schizophrenia are also advised not to consume the drugs stacked. Phenylpiracetam is on its own known to cause agitation and irritability. However, the effects re mild and controllable.

My experience with stacking DMAE and Phenylpiracetam

I took a stack of 400 g of DMAE and 200 mg of phenylpiracetam and the effects were very noticeable, increased vision, memory and focus, and to significant degrees. But one thing that disturbed me afterwards is that when the effects had gone down, I had a headache that lasted for a very short time (which didn’t go away until I took a CDP Choline). Tolerance and side effects will result if this combination is take, so be sure to supplement choline, and to use on a somewhat infrequent basis!  However, when I took a similar dose the following day; the headaches subsided, and I continued with my work normally.

The effect of the stack on brain receptors

Intake of the drug will make the receptors more sensitive about the communication of the brain and thus increase the concentration that one will have on whatever that he or she may be doing. It encourages mental fluidity, which is essential for is optimal performance.

Final Thoughts

For best results, stack both of these nootropics together, and take two CDP Choline tablets as found on our site. This conjunction works great for studying, and for general, optimized productivity.


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