Combining Ritalin and Sunifiram

While we don’ have Ritalin (sorry:p) what we do have is Noopept (Sunifiram is now an obsolete nootropic that has been deemed unsafe), you can purchase it here, right in our very own nootropics store, just click the link down below!

Mixing Ritalin and Sunifiram

It is not uncommon to find that, in the treatment of disorders, caused by the functioning of the brain, such as loss of memory, attention deficit disorder, rapid mood swings and so on; more than one drug or formulation is mixed or stacked to obtain better results in the treatment or speed up recovery or even to counter some of the undesirable side effects of one drug with another. In this series, we can look at mixing Ritalin with Sunifiram. However, before that, we need to know about these two drugs in details; their history, development, etc.


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More about Sunifiram

Ritalin (chemical composition: methylphenidate) helps in stimulating the central nervous system. Its main effect is to regulate impulse control and hyperactivity through a chemical reaction from the brain. Ritalin has been in use for the treatment of symptoms related to attention deficit disorder and ADHD. Although many more formulations have been developed over the years, occupying the space as smart drugs, Ritalin is still recommended by many specialists.

Narcolepsy, a kind of sleep disorder, responds very well to treatment with Ritalin. An increase in awareness and reduction in fatigue and lethargy have been observed with the regular use of Ritalin, thanks to the neurotransmitters produced by it. Ritalin helps in keeping the brain awake. There are also instances of Ritalin being used as an aid in weight reduction programs. It has to be administered under expert medical advice, and the recommended dosage is 1 mg per day per kilo weight of the individual taking it. There are a few side effects reported, such as faster heart beat and fever, joint pains and so on. Your medical practitioner is the right person to be contacted under such situations.


Sunifiram helps in enhancing the cognitive functions, focus and the ability to take decisions and most important of all, improving the capacity to retain the information one is attempting to learn. Because of these therapeutic characteristics, experts tend to predict that Sunifiram might grow into a very effective remedy for slower learning students in the future.

First developed in 2000, Sunifiram, though resembling a racetam, is not actually one. Its key recognition is as a memory enhancer. It is more of an ampakine. Another reason Sunifiram is akin to a racetam or even other nootropics, is in its effectiveness in activating AMPA receptors in the brain. though in a different manner.

Sunifiram functions by augmenting the levels of the glutamate in the brain, which in turn enhances the cognitive functions. In particular, if you require your mental faculty to be used for extended periods, Sunifiram should prove to be very useful. There is an obvious difference that Sunifiram makes in terms of helping you remember things and enhancing your brain’s capacity to absorb new information with ease. Sunifiram is also good at activating the brains major  neurotransmitters involved with learning. The recommended dosage is of 7-10mg three times a day, though many users (including myself) report using dosages of up to 100mg at a time without any real damage or side effects….so delve into Sunifiram at your own risk.

An experienced medical practitioner will only be able to guide you better, if you are thinking of mixing Ritalin with Sunifiram. As already seen, the two have different roles to play and might supplement each other well. However, the dosage, whether to be taken together or separately, will all depend on an individual’s health conditions and requirements.

Review My Experience

While I’m no licensed medical practitioner, what I can do, is offer my experience when combining these two extremely potent smart drugs. Ritalin is a psychostimulant, so you’ll feel super euphoric, have amazing amounts of energy motivation, and overall will feel like you just dosed the real limitless pill (at least until you develop a tolerance to it or if you take it regularly), throw in sunifiram, an extremely powerful ampakine nootropic, and productivity and memory will both shoot up, ON TOP of your already stimulating effects. While somewhat of a dangerous stack, my experience was that it made me extremely energetic, creative, and euphoric!

Final Thoughts

While we don’ have Ritalin (sorry:p) what we do have is Noopept (Sunifiram is now an obsolete nootropic that has been deemed unsafe), you can purchase it here, right in our very own nootropics store, just click the link down below!

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