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  1. Mark Sweeney
    Mark Sweeney
    , 2016-05-17

    Will u be getting anymore Hydrafinil?

  2. Roman
    , 2016-05-21

    When will I receive my order?

    • James Smoot
      James Smoot
      , 2016-05-23

      Your order will be there a few days after you’ve received your tracking info


  3. Camille Russo
    Camille Russo
    , 2016-08-12

    I’m willing and ready to buy your products. But… i don’t know what to buy? I have ADHD and narcolepsy. Adderall is the only medication that works for me… I’ve tried them all. But i can’t sleep at night. So I’ve been prescribed trazadone and diazapam for night time and still… i get barely 3 hours sleep. I don’t want to be on these meds for the rest of my life. I take 30 mg adderall xr 2 times a day. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I’m ready to order when i know what to buy. Thank you

  4. Abby
    , 2016-08-16

    Hey I tried to order last night and it didn’t go through, when I clicked on “place order” the screen went to “your cart is empty” and not a receipt. So I tried one more time before ordering from somewhere else. I just checked my email and discovered BOTH orders apparently went through. Can you please cancel these orders ASAP and refund the money on my credit card? You guys really need to fix your website.

    , 2016-08-29

    I paid for the expedited service – when does it actually ship?

  6. Boopie
    , 2016-09-07

    how long does priority mail express take?

    how long does priority mail take?

    thank you

  7. Aziz999
    , 2016-09-24

    I purchased and paid the amount but I did not find my order

  8. Mark Sweeney
    Mark Sweeney
    , 2016-10-10

    Is Visa the only credit card u take? Also I heard u r giving a 15 percent discount for this October but I don’t have a code for the discount?

  9. Ichinkhorloo
    , 2016-10-17

    Hi there,

    I have ADHD. I wonder how I order adderall online or from a store.

  10. Jeremiah Adderley
    Jeremiah Adderley
    , 2016-10-18

    Hi I put in an order but I’m not sure if I put my email address down. Is there anyway you can find and send me the tracking information?


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Comments are closed.