What are the Dangers of Desmopressin

Desmopressin, although an amazing drug with little chance of you encountering any of these side effects, can carry with it side effects that can prove to be fatal at their highest degree. Because desmopressin is the synthetic form of the hormone vasopressin, or anti diuretic hormone, when excess water is increased while under the influence of the drug, it can induce a condition known as water poisoning, a possibly fatal state of having too much water built up in the kidneys with no way to excrete it, if left untreated for too many a number of hours.
Another, much more minor side effect that desmopressin can carry with it if used on a much more frequent basis (ie, daily usage) is headaches, due to how ADH can dehydrate you because you cannot drink a lot of water while on it. In order to decrease this side effect, keep your usage of the drug to an “as needed basis” as quoted out of most medical journals of who quote desmopressin as a cognitive enhancing drug.

More about Desmopressin

Desmopressin is not a safe nootropic and instead should be treated as a high risk drug, used with caution, and only on an as needed basis (can be used once a week for general cognitive enhancement as well with little or no side effects, just follow each appropriate precaution exactly as quoted.) Dangers of Desmopressin

As for putting a stop to the main scary side effect, potential water poisoning, be sure to either not drink on desmopressin (what I usually do just out of supersition and skepticism), or to only drink when you are thirsty, AND NO MORE ONCE YOU ARE NO LONGER THIRSTY. Bloating (drinking a ton of fluids, say after a lot of exercise) on desmpressin while under its influence can ensure you a trip to the hospital, be sure to do your research and obey each precaution in full if you are using desmopressin Desmopressin is also the holy grail of all nootropics, I suggest starting with piracetam, noopept, or sunifiram first to help you research it. Be sure you know what you’re doing, or you could face dire consequences.

Final Thoughts:
I do not condone the usage of, nor recommend you to use desmopressin. However, I must attest that the drug works great and that it WILL give you almost a complete photographic memory for 6-8 hours. For proper usage administer one 10iu dosage, twice in each nostril, and be sure to do your research. For a safer alternative, check out our nootropics store for all available products.

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