How to Use Desmopressin – The photographic memory drug

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Desmopressin, what is it?

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Desmopressin is a somewhat newly synthesized drug which poses significant, yet somewhat unknown nootropic abilities. The main effect of the drug (as well as what it’s prescribed for) is to halt bed wetting past a certain age, and for treatment in the condition of diabetes insipidus. However, recent forums and underground CEO blogs and posts have highlighted other specific side effects of the

drug, claiming it to possess extreme nootropic effects, even going as far to say it gave them a near photographic memory.Other notable people that have raved about the drug include, and Tim Ferriss, claiming it helped him to learn Mandarin Chinese during his studies at Princeton University.


My trial with the drug

More about Desmopressin

So, as for myself, I had to try out this extremely promising nootropic drug. I had little expectations for a nose spray that is given to children to stop bed wetting, but a few minutes after having inhaled the substance, I have to say that I was beyond impressed. The photographic memory drug
I immediately felt a sense of higher alertness, thoroughly evident through my mental processes and in the vigilance of my eyes. I began my study session, and no sign of brilliance, nor the photographic memory effect stated had yet greeted me, although at this point I seemed to feel a nice, stimulated buzz, enough to aid in studying. Within ten minutes however, the buzz wore off, and was replaced with something greater. I soon noticed as I continued studying that my memory was EXTREMELY improved, to the point of only half paying attention to the text in front of me, and having perfect recall only a minute later. The photographic memory drug

What to use it for

I found that this drug is perfect if you have to cram for tests or have a massive amount of information to learn in just a short period of time. It also has an effect of fine tuning your memory in the long run, in that you become accustomed to having an overall higher rate of retention and recall.
Life Hack Anyone?
This is one of the greatest life hacks I can give you, and also one of the greatest ones I have used. It’s so much fun to go out partying all week, use a nosespray an hour before the exam, and score a perfect score. Enjoy your new life with trusted Desmopressin by your side and you’ll be well on your way to success.
Final Thoughts
Also, please leave any questions or comments you may have down below and I will answer them almost immediately. I have also made desmopressin it’s own category because of how amazing and special of a drug it is, so ask away:) Check out my ebook on the homepage of my blog entitled “Desmopressin-The Photographic memory drug” for more details. For safer alternatives, check out our nootropics store!


  1. Andrew
    , 2016-06-19

    I am interested in Desmopressin (Minrin) for its cognitive effects. I just read your review of those cognitive effects on memory and am looking forward to trying it. My question: Did you really notice a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your memory ( the so called photographic effect)? This is exactly what I am looking for.

    I also would like to know if you have heard of and tried cerebrolysin? This is also supposed to be excellent for boosting memory except it is expensive and must be taken IM. Thanks.

  2. Lucas
    , 2016-11-08

    Can I take the spray every day? I have memory lapses, I’m not just trying to get an A on a test.


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