DMAE Dosages

What is DMAE?

DMAE is an acronym that stands for dimethylaminoethanol in full. DMAE Dosages. The compound is organic in nature and has been used for pharmaceutical purposes as well as industrial ones.  In Europe, it is well referred to as the Deanol. The nootropic is very important in mental functions and the skin, and the compound occurs naturally in the brain and it is usually in small amounts. The compound can also be found in some foods, especially meat and also in anchovies. It should, however, be known that the content in these foods is very small that if one needs to have more in his or her diet, then using the supplements that contain DMAE will be the best option.

The Side Effects

More about DMAE

The use of the supplements that contain DMAE has been linked to a number of side effects among the people who have used them. The issues, in some cases have been so grave that they have caused lots of concerns, especially from the medical and pharmaceutical world. Constipation is one of the major negative effects as well as itchiness. The user can also become drowsy and feel confused. Since the drugs are meant to make the brain functions effective, having the blood move very fast in the body is one way to achieve it. The drug, in that connection, therefore, will make the user develop high blood pressure (HBP) with time and prolonged use of it can cause severe effects associated with HBP. It’s known too that the supplements also cause lack of sleep, which is otherwise known as insomnia. As much as the effect is painless, it is very uncomfortable staying awake for almost all day and night. These side effects, though not totally unheard of, are somewhat rare, DMAE is very healthy, strong and energizing.


The dosages that are recommended for users are not really precise since here are very few researches that have been done about the right dosage. That will therefore mean that very precise details cannot be proposed for DMAE. However, there is one study that was able to show that when there was a dosage of 300 to 2000 milligrams taken twice a day, then, there was an improved performance in the exercises. Therefore, the dosage can largely depend on the chemistry of the user as far as it currently stands. However, as more studies and other researches are advanced concerning the compound, then more precise and meticulous details will be reached at which can translate to proper dosage information.

Review – My Experience with DMAE

The first time I took DMAE not much was felt in the firs 30 minutes, which worried me as I had soon had friends and affiliate employees marketing it as an energy improving and anti-aging supplement similar in power to caffeine and Ashwagandha combined into a single pill. While it took longer to kick in than most nootropics however (slightly over an hour to reach full blood plasma levels, where I actually felt the nootropic working) whereas most kick in in sometimes as little as ten minutes, once it DID finally kick in, the effects were unprecedented. I felt slightly euphoric, happy, younger, smarter, healthier, and overall, like I had just swallowed a slightly enhanced version of myself. It was a very rewarding experience, and I now keep DMAE in my back pocket on the regular as a productivity and overall health supplement. It is best stacked with piracetam and Noopept, based on their differing mechanism of action and on how they help to activate multiple areas of the brain at one time, resulting in greatly improved cognition, rather than just burning out one receptor at a time like many other stacks do. DAME is best stacked with the racetams, and when taken with a racetam and choline, is a great long term alternative to stimulants like caffeine or Adderall.

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