Does Creatine Increase IQ?

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Does Creatine Increase IQ?

Creatine is widely and popularly used by bodybuilders, but it’s not just that, it enhances the brain function to optimum. This is an organic nitrogenous acid found in all kinds of vertebrates. What actually Creatine does is, it provides energy to every cell of the human body, including muscle and brain cells. Our body can produce this compound in some amount, but for cognitive skill enhancement, this supplement is found to be efficient enough. This enhances the metabolic function, neuron health and mental energy of the brain. This non essential nutrient is stored in the skeletal muscle in about 95 percent, but it is also present all through the body, particularly in the heart and brain. Vegetarians have lower amounts of storage of this nutrient than meat eaters. This supplement meets the nutrient demand of the muscles in our body. The supplement is a neuro-protective and an anti-aging agent for the brain.

Creatine Benefits:

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  • There is an energy enhancement in the working muscles, and thus it aids in increased performance in any kind of physical activity related to strength.
  • Converted ATP is directly stored in working tissues and muscle cells in the body, making the body cope up with muscular failures, thereby making them grow stronger.
  • One can undergo long periods of physical training such as running, cycling, gymnasts or other athletes.
  • Women also can use this for strength, and it is equally effective in them as in men.
  • It is considered an antidiabetic and when combined with exercise, it aids in the glucose level increase in the cells.
  • It can extend life and stimulate anti aging in the body.
  • It is a neuro-protectant and leads to minimum damage due to toxins or stressors in the brain.
  • It aids in integrity of cell membranes by modulating the brain excitement that can cause toxicity.
  • It mobilizes and enhances brain’s metabolic processes. Thus, it aids in more cognitive function and maintenance of cells at prime levels of operation in the brain.


Creatine is an efficient supplement for people engaged in weight training and strenuous exercise. It shows positive benefits for vegetarians, particularly, as they do not eat meat. Many of the users say that taking Creatine as a daily supplement has aided them in achieving more focus and mental clarity. The supplement’s action of improving the supply of energy to brain cells by providing optimum metabolic production of ATP is evident in the users. They show greater mental performance than others.

Creatine Dosage: Creatine can be used as a supplement from 200mg to 25 grams daily, as per their needs. Body builders shall need more dosage than regular users. For them, the dosage is about 2-5g in a day. This nootropic should be taken by both body builders and users who wish to have enhancement of cognitive functions, in the form of a powder, before and after workout, either in the morning or afternoon or both. Either split the dose or take it once as a whole.

Creatine Side Effects:

This supplement is considered safe for use as it is well tolerated by most of the users. However, a person under the age of 18 years is not recommended to use this supplement as the body is still in the growth stage. Some of the rare and unconfirmed side effects of this supplement are muscle cramps, kidney damage, dehydration, other stomach problems and heart problems.

Final Thoughts

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