Does Phenylpiracetam Cause Euphoria?


Does Phenylpiracetam Cause Euphoria?

Phenylpiracetam also known as by the Phenotropil and Carphedon brand names it is sold in Europe as, is a phenylated analog of the famous nootropic drug piracetam. Phenylpiracetam was first developed in 1983 by the Russian pharmaceutical company and now it is being sold as a prescription drug in Russia. Due to the addition of the phenyl group to the piracetam salt, phenylpiracetam is 30-60 times more potent than its precursor. Phenylpiracetam is an effective central nervous system and locomotor stimulant.

Mechanism of Action:

Phenylpiracetam is water soluble and is readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tracts from where it is send into blood stream to the

target organs for its effective use. Once into the blood stream from the gastrointestinal tract, it can readily cross the blood brain barrier. In the brain it acts as a neuromodulator bringing about the desired effects. About 60% phenylpiracetam is excreted from the urine while the rest can be excreted through the bile. Hence urine biomarkers are one of the important tests to determine the availability of the drug in one’s body.

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More about Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam is one of the drugs that help in neural modulation as it acts on the acetylcholine and glutamate receptors. It also has an effect on the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the body that causes stimulating effects. So an important question arises here which is does phenylpiracetam causes euphoria? The answer would be that due to the stimulating effects of the phenylpiracetam drug and the release of the stimulating neurotransmitters, the person feels like he is in a state of euphoria.

As already mentioned the phenylpiracetam is also a locomotor stimulant, which means that the phenylpiracetam causes an increase in the physical strength of the individual. Reports have been published stating the fact that this drug increases the pain threshold experienced by the individual as well as also affecting the adaptability of the individual’s body to different climatic conditions and stresses. Due to this fact a lot of the players were abusing the use of this drug and so it is one of the banned drugs for all Olympic games.


  • Due to its stimulating effects it has beneficial effects on increasing the physical performance of an individual.
  • It also increases the focus of the individual and makes him more alert.
  • It helps in improving the mood and makes the individual focus a lot better without any hazardous side effect.
  • It can be used by students before any big exams and even by any individual before any big and stressful event, as it would be an
    effective stress buster.


Phenylpiracetam is a tolerant drug, which means it should be taken only when required such as before any stressful condition or when you need to boost your physical strength. The dosage should start from a dose as low as 100 mg per day and should be taken with some other racetam. Dosages should not exceed 700mg per day of phenylpiracetam, as side effects may occur at dosages past that.


These include the usual side effects as with any other nootropic agent. These include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Sometimes insomnia due to the stimulating effect of the phenylpiracetam.


Overall, Phenylpiracetam is a very stimulating drug that does produce mild euphoria when it is taken in a dosage appropriate to your tolerance level, if you’re looking for a general stimulant to replace..say, Adderall, or just to be a better, more focused version of yourself, Phenylpiracetam might be just the nootropic for you.

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