Fasoracetam side effects

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Fasoracetam Side Effects

Fasoractam is a drug compound that is still under research on its cognitive stimulating power in humans. It belongs to the ractam family and is part of the nootropic drugs class. Its nucleus is made up of the pyrollidine structure, making it common to other nootropics. It is highly natural and has gained recognition in the treatment of central nervous system, due to its safeness. The body tolerates it well without any problem, however, when it is used in a manner that will alter its therapeutic index, it can cause serious side effects to the users. Adenosine monophosphate is a compound that is used by the body in many physiological functions, especially in the generation of energy. Fasoracetam therefore, functions to regulate this compound thereby managing the body’s physiological activities. It also enhances the uptake of choline thereby enhancing the actions of cholinergic receptors in the brain making the person more active. It can bind to GABA receptors as well, facilitating its awakening activities and making the person more alert through the action of excitatory gaba neurons. It also stimulates glutamate receptors, making learning easier for users and also enhances their understanding. Research shows that it increases intelligence by thirty percent, making it the choice for many people.

Functions of the Drug.

More Information

      It stimulates the brain, making the person more attentive in the daily matters of life. This drug can be used in people with sleeping disorders who tend to sleep excessively during the day such as those suffering from narcolepsy. It enhances brain functioning in all matters, including memory and storage ability, making it to serve as the best in treating the dullness in children. The drug is well known by many people, that it treats insomnia and fatigue in individuals who do a lot of hard work.As stated above correct dosages will enhance the prevention of any side effects in the user. It will work safely if it is used in the correct therapeutic range, for a specific age of a person. The severity of the disease being treated also determines its dosage and the person can feel better quickly if the drug is administered properly in the right dosage. Oral dose is 100mg daily, while the sublingual dose is 10mg per day. Research is still in process and more reliable information is on the way, on the use of the drug and more convenient dosages.

Fasoracetam side effects

Nausea and vomiting can occur if the person uses the drug above the require doses. This should make the person to stop it immediately and seek medical advice. It can also be allergic to some individuals. The results of this drug vary from person to person, making it more convenient to those who respond to it well. Its clearance is done by the liver and kidneys; so prolonged use can alter the liver function or kidney function. The feeling of a light head is also common, especially, if a person is starting to use the drug. Fasoracetam is very similar in action to Aniracetam.

Final Thoughts

 Phenylpiracetam is almost IDENTICAL to the potent effects of Fasoracetam, and it’s much cheaper, safer, and more easily available!



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