What Are The Most Prominent Benefits Of Gynostemma?

What Is Gynostemma?

People who are looking for an all-natural nootropic supplement should look into Gynostemma. It’s a largely herbal supplement, in sharp contrast to the much more artificial nootropic supplements that fill the market today. Many people take this supplement for reasons other than its nootropic benefits, which helps to demonstrate the sheer versatility of Gynostemma. This is an herb that manages to be an adaptogen and antioxidant at the same time.


The Gynostemma herb is now going to be associated with traditional Chinese medicine. However, since the herb grows in a location that is distant from most of China, it wasn’t really a major player in traditional Chinese medicine. It was a far more niche herbal remedy used in villages in northern Vietnam and Southern China for a good portion of its history. People in these areas often tended to experience increased longevity, which is how Gynostemma got the reputation as the longevity herb in the first place.

In the 1960s, the Chinese had an incentive to find an alternative to ginseng. Ginseng supplies were being stretched thin as a result of overuse, and Gynostemma was available in order to take the pressure off of this limited resource. Since then, the supplement has become more commonly used. However, it is still not as well-known as ginseng, which continues to be a household name while Gynostemma is something of a hidden gem.

What Is This Used For?

Gynostemma is used to promote immune health, cardiovascular health, psychological health, liver health, and neurological health in general. This is an herb that can more or less heal a person’s entire body. It is unknown as to whether or not it can actually have any positive or negative effect on the aging process itself or if it merely mitigates the consequences of aging, but it is an herb that can certainly promote healthy aging.

Lots of people will have their own reasons for taking Gynostemma. Some people are going to be specifically taking it in order to help with their cholesterol levels out of concerns for the health of their hearts. Many people today are trying herbal remedies for this common problem. Other people might take it because they are looking for herbal psychological medication.

How Long Does This Last?

People are going to have varying experiences when taking Gynostemma. Some people are going to feel the effects right away. Other people are going to take a long time to experience the effects. The people who take a long time to experience the effects might experience them for long afterward.

Since the majority of the effects of Gynostemma represent subtle health improvements, they are not going to manifest as positive emotional feelings in the first place. However, some people are going to feel more mental energy and more physical energy right away. The medical health benefits should gradually manifest themselves as mental health and emotional benefits.


Many people in nootropics circles are also interested in supplements that promote longevity, which is definitely the case with Gynostemma. This is a supplement that can help prevent age-related cognitive decline, so it works as something of a long-term nootropic. In the meantime, people will usually experience improvements in their mental energy and ability to think and reason in general. Gynostemma is a supplement that promotes health and vitality in general, and these benefits extend to the brain.

Lots of people in the nootropics community are also on the lookout for supplements that are going to help with psychological problems as well. Gynostemma has been known to reduce and counteract the effects of depression and anxiety.

However, the benefits of Gynostemma may extend even further than that. For instance, this supplement seems to promote cardiovascular health on many different levels. It may be able to effectively lower blood pressure, reduce rapid heart rates, and improve coronary flow in general. Many of the health problems that people experience with age are coronary in one way or another, and a supplement that is able to influence them in a positive overarching sense will be able to counteract many age-related health problems all at once.

Gynostemma also has a positive effect on the immune system. People will find that their risk of almost any contagious disease will go down as soon as they start their regimens of Gynostemma for the first time. Since lots of people experience decreased immune function with age, this is just one of the many ways in which Gynostemma promotes healthy aging.

Recommended Dosage

Gynostemma is not a supplement that people must take in micro-doses that are very difficult to measure without the right equipment. This is a supplement that people will take in 450 mg servings at a time. In many cases, people will take Gynostemma supplements twice a day or three times a day. However, they are not going to have to take miniature pills in the process. Some people might decide to take around six capsules a day, although people who aren’t used to taking a lot of medications might want to avoid doing that.

Side Effects

Gynostemma is a safe supplement overall, and people who don’t take too much of it are not going to have to worry about taking on any severe side effects. For the most part, only people who have very specific medical conditions are going to have to express any concerns when taking Gynostemma. Women who are pregnant or nursing, as well as women who are trying to get pregnant, should avoid taking Gynostemma.

Gynostemma is a supplement that improves immune function, which is one of its best health benefits. However, for the people who have auto-immune disorders, this could actually become a double-edged sword. They may find themselves experiencing worse symptoms as a result of taking Gynostemma. People who auto-immune disorders should talk to their doctors about taking Gynostemma and many others should just avoid Gynostemma altogether.

People who have bleeding disorders should also be concerned about taking Gynostemma. Once again, the positive effects of Gynostemma can be negative in the wrong context. The improved coronary flow that people can get as a result of taking Gynostemma can be dangerous for people who have blood clotting disorders, even though the improved coronary flow is good for nearly everyone else.

Long-Term Use 

A number of traditional people in villages have been able to use Gynostemma for most of their lives without any problems. In fact, many of them just managed to extend their lives and improve their long-term health in the process. Plenty of people will age with lower levels of bad cholesterol, better blood flow, and healthier brains if they have been taking Gynostemma for long periods of their lives. This is a supplement where long-term use is generally just going to promote more positive effects.

Short-Term Use

Many people aren’t going to notice very much from this supplement right away. A good portion of the benefits of Gynostemma is long-term. Some people will start to notice that their movements will improve as a result of better blood circulation. They may also immediately feel as if they have more mental energy as a result of the nootropic benefits of Gynostemma. However, people are usually going to need to really commit to using Gynostemma for a long period of time in order to enjoy the full range of its impressive health benefits.

Some people might be able to experience the psychological benefits of Gynostemma right away, at least in terms of anxiety and depression relief. Many of these conditions are very responsive to any sort of the change in a person’s external circumstances or external environment. The active components of Gynostemma are going to work quickly in that regard as well. However, for the most part, taking Gynostemma is going to be something of a long-term investment.


Modern scientific research into Gynostemma dates back to the 1960s in China. The physical and psychological benefits of Gynostemma have received thorough documentation since then. Since this was an herb that was used in traditional medicine in parts of Southern China and Vietnam, humanity has at least been experimenting on it in some way or another for much longer.

Some specific modern research into the effects of Gynostemma has found that the supplement can raise a person’s HDL cholesterol, which is regarded as the ‘good’ cholesterol, while also lowering a person’s ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. People will have lower total cholesterol levels as a result of taking Gynostemma. Many of its other effects are still under investigation, but there is evidence for all of the main effects that have been attributed to Gynostemma.


One of the major selling points of Gynostemma is its comparatively low pricing, appropriately enough. Nootropics enthusiasts can usually purchase a bottle of the supplement for 23 US dollars, which is a shockingly low price for many of the people in this community. For this price, people will be able to get 100 capsules, which should last them for around a month or so. The prices are going to vary depending upon the company and on the exact brand, but people can usually count on prices in that general area for Gynostemma.

Safety Concerns

The usual safety concerns apply with Gynostemma. People have been using this in traditional medicine for a long time without any serious problems, and the people who manage to take the supplement as directed usually aren’t going to run into any problems themselves provided they do not have any medication allergies that they did not discover until recently.

Final Thoughts

Gynostemma is a supplement that offers a lot. People in the nootropics community are usually used to paying for a few specific mental benefits, and that’s all. When it comes to Gynostemma, they can more or less get the benefits of several different supplements all at once, including benefits that are not associated with nootropic supplements.

Gynostemma is not going to lower anyone’s cholesterol overnight. It is also not going to fix anyone’s depression or problems with memory. However, investing in a supplement like this long-term can make a huge difference in terms of a person’s long-term well-being. This is a great supplement for the people who are planning ahead and who want to make sure that they will be healthy in the future.

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