How common is Adderall on College Campuses?

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More about Adderall

Adderall, the all too common misused and abused psychostimulant running rampant in high schools and colleges throughout the United States, is extremely common on school campuses. As the competition increases, and term grades near their end, this ADHD medication abuse only grows more prevalent, especially in tougher classes and majors (mathematics, chemistry etc.), as seemingly unbeatable as this seems however, there is a way to stop it!

Join me in helping spread the word about nootropics and legal, safe smart drugs as a way to combat Adderall use and abuse. We cannot simply tell students to “stop taking Adderall when studying” if we don’t offer a safer alternative that is deemed just as, if not even more effective (while nootropics may be slightly weaker, there is no crash, and they contain cumulative effects over time. It is your real brain, just a better, smarter brain, whereas Adderall can often times even change personality!)

Before I begin with optimum Adderall alternatives you can use while preparing for your test, and let you in on some of the greatest secrets smart drugs has to offer, a look at just how prevalent Adderall is on college campuses.

1. I often times cannot go a day in the library without hearing about it-And I go to FSU as a business major. Just imagine the Ivy league colleges!

2. Adderall sells like candy!-Whenever I see people selling it, their phones are constantly blowing up, I can also relate from personal experience, when I used to sell it in high school, the only problem I had was that I never had enough to go around, Adderall is extremely addictive and poses a serious threat to the young, naive minds of college students, who don’t know chemically what they are doing to their brain.

3. Adderall has even been mentioned in graduation speeches, and is brought up in media to extreme measures-While media often times can exaggerate, Adderall abuse is one area where they are under exaggerating the problem. If you’ve seen news reports titled “Adderall abuse on a rise among teens” they are 100% true, and the fact that something that was once simply quiet, on the black market, and had heads turning the other way among University staff has now gone mainstream, it is all too evident that the problem is something that takes unconditional methods to be lessened, let alone abolished! Feel free to check out my memoir coming out late winter 2014 in hardcover “Confessions of an AP Student, Adderall abuse in our nations schools.” It will be available on amazon in ebook format as well as on this website in hardcover, a percentage of the profits will go towards creating a charity for those dealing with addiction while in college, helping kids otherwise addicted get back on their feet while their education is put on hold, before they resume University education while healthy.

Here are some of the best and lesser known Adderall alternatives out there, while not all entirely free of side effects, these provide the luxury of being “binged” on without having a hellish hangover and possible withdrawal symptoms lingering the next day.

1. Sunifiram-Many entrepreneurs (including myself at times) interested in nootropics megadose Sunifiram with the intention of creating Adderall-like effects. The effects are very similar, with the only real downside risk manifesting itself in the form of a slight headache, (easily alleviated by adding in a hefty choline source!) Be sure to start off with doses at around 10mg, and as an entrepreneur I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that if you increase the dose to much higher than that, you’ll create  effects that many busineesman call “stronger than Adderall.” I can attest to this, as when you begin to megadose Sunifiram (try at your own risk, has not been approved yet in clinical trials at doses above 10mg….but really I mean…how bad could it be;) your motivation, drive, learning ability and mental endurance increase to unprecedented’s as if you just don’t get tired!

Update: *Sunifiram is now an obsolete nootropic that has been deemed unsafe for human consumption

2. Adrafanil– The legal nootropic alternative to the otherwise bragged about prescription drug (for narcolepsy) Modafinil, and often times deemed “The CEO’s drug”, Adrafanil bares resemblance to Adderall by way of its extreme wakefulness effects, focus, and improvements in short term memory from the enhanced dopamine. While much more subtle than Adderall, Modafinil will add that motivational Jolt to whatever nootropics you decide to throw in your stack!

3. Noopept-Noopept is a cumulative nootropic that can be taken with great effects for long stretches of time, and is best if used in cycles (ie. 30mg 3x per day for 3 months, cycle off for one week, repeat). Noopept produces immense focus, great clarity of thought and overall cognitive improvement that can blow Adderall out of the water. The only falter Noopept sometimes can have is that it doesn’t have a stimulating effect to it like other nootropics (sunifiram, adrafanil) can have. Stack with Adrafanil and Suni for optimum effects.

4. Phenylpiracetam-Phenylpiracetam is one of the best available nootropics, and is a tie with Sunifiram as far as resemblence to Adderall is concerned. A cleaner version of the otherwise generic amphetamine, Phenylpiracetam contains and added Phenyl group attached closely to a racetam, giving it an amphetamine like kick, with all the pleasures of a racetam to further guide your mental ambitions.

Final Thoughts

I began this blog to raise awareness about Adderall abuse, misuse and addiction, and to offer a much safer and more effective alternative in nootropics-I stand by this value and will continue to do so for the websites duration. Use any of the alternatives listed above as a way to combat off label Adderall abuse, and be sure to subscribe for free shipping on all of your future nootropic purchases from us! You can buy some of the alternatives, phenylpiracetam and noopept, in our nootropics store.

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