How Long does Adrafinil Last?

How long does Adrafinil last?

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The time at which Adrafinil supplement last in your system widely depends on the dosage and the body exposure to the drug. Those that are new to the drug have a longer duration of Adrafinil effects, versus those who take it regularly. . Compared to other Nootropic drugs its half-life is longer and therefore suitable for treating narcolepsy but not ideal for cognitive enhancement. How Long Does Adrafinil last if taken with choline? Does it last longer if used with other stimulants? This article will serve to answer all questions regarding the drugs potency and half-life.


Adrafinil’s half-life is estimated to be between 12-15 hrs from the first administration. This means that the drug will take 12-15 hours for half of the drug to be removed from your body system. The effects of the drug are being alert for long and clarity of thoughts and it is about 15 hours from the time it was administered. It should be noted that the higher the dosage the hard the effects and more time the body would restrain from the drug.


Adrafinil requires 60-90 minutes for effectiveness. The peak level of this drug reaches the bloodstream between 2-4 hours after being administered. For students who need to be alert for long hours it is advisable to take it 1-2 hours prior going to class. This provides sufficient time for absorption into the bloodstream and also maximizes your alertness level.


What is this?

This is a subsidiary member of the nootropics family of drugs. It is taken by people with excessive sleepiness and inattention. It is also used as a stimulant, cognitive enhancer for those intending to stay awake for long hours. It was originally developed in France for patients with sleep disorders. It is regarded as a central nervous system stimuli’s


Side effects

Adrafinil has some side effects that range from mild to more severe. When taken in the prescribed dosage, few side effects may be experienced once or in the long term. This could include:


  • Stomach disorder/discomfort vomiting.
  • Headache and dizziness and is subjected to withdrawal symptom which may cause depression and anxiety
  • If Adrafinil dosage is high there is a possibility of high blood pressure, heart problem and skin although not in many cases but cannot be eliminated for those using Adrafinil
  • Liver toxicity is the prone kind of side effect and is when Adrafinil is frequently used. It is broken down into the liver and converted into modafanil which affects the liver


Dosages, How long does Adrafinil last at specific doses?

The required dosage for Adrafinil is between 150 and 300 mg. The drug is very potent and it is always good to start with a smaller dose. This will help you body in adapting and reacting and balancing. It can be taken twice or thrice with the interval well observed for instance two weeks on and one week off or vice versa to help the body accept the different levels and prolonging the side effects . It is advisable not to rely on Adrafinil as a long term use.


Long-term effects…How long does Adrafinil last when tolerance develops?

Long term effects occur when the drug is subjected to the body for a long period of time and the body has become used to it. By this time, you may not succeed to withdraw. Some of the long term effects include.


  • The liver problem: As Adrafinil is broken down, it is converted into modafanil. Those that take alcohol and are subjected to Adrafinil overwork the liver and that is how the liver problem develops.
  • Skin problem: Though not at an alarming rate is has subsequently reported. Dress Syndrome, steven-johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis are the major long term effects.

The time Adrafinil lasts will begin to gradually decrease when tolerance becomes a major factor. The duration may decrease in the advent of tolerance.

Short term effects, How long does Adrafinil last when you first start using it?

When using Adrafinil short term effects are felt but can be controlled overtime. When you first start using it, your

tolerance is low, so effects can last for as long as 9-12 hours on a single 300 milligram dose.


  • Nervousness since it affects the central nervous system. It occurs when hypothalamus increases the level of histamine that plays as a significant role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle.
  • It causes nausea, vomiting headache, dizziness and stomach disorder and loss of appetite
  • Due to loss of appetite there are causes of weight loss because of the declined food consumption.


Solution to this short term effects is the patient should take the prescription of the doctor follow tem and if subjected to any effects should consult the physician instead of adding the dosage to cure the effects.



When using Adrafinil the user may be subjected to positive effects that will help him/her. Adrafinil relieves those suffering from narcolepsy and helps them live a normal life.


It is a stimulant and thus it increases the overall energy levels, attention and prolonged physical and mental effort. Those working at night shifts and truck drivers who need to be alert for long time can use this type of drug.


It increases the productivity level because of the increased energy and motivation. Those working on competitive field in the production, manufacturing and other active areas can use this type of drug.


It increases the learning activity and boosts the brain/memory level based on one’s cognitive ability.


Students/academicians benefit wit this type of drug as it enhances remembering information

Those suffering from mood disorders like stress, anxiety and depression during the day may use Adrafinil.


It makes the mind to feel less tired and avoid one to strain while working for extended periods.


Because of the alertness, Adrafinil helps in problem solving and general cognition when making a sound decision. The brain is supplied with high energy levels to keep the mind alert.


Is Adrafinil legal?

In the UK, Adrafinil is not a controlled drug and therefore users purchase without restriction and prescription. In the United States, the drug has not been approved by drug administration agency, though it is 100% legal to buy as a supplement online. Adrafinil is in the same category as mult-vitamins, fish-oil and anti-oxidant supplements. The British citizens can legally purchase for personal use without the doctor prescription.


Liver toxicity

The liver metabolizes Adrafinil into modafanil through detoxification. It increases the release of liver enzyme that is used in breaking the toxic substances into less harmful substances. Due to prolonged and long term use, it can cause irreversible damage to the liver. If users have other diseases affecting the liver like hepatic problems it accelerates the effects. Liver problem starts from the sixth month if taken on a daily basis but it is always different with different patients some could occur less or later than six months.



The dangers are felt more when consumed under high dosage. This results to high blood pressure hence causing heart problems. Those who have high blood pressure and heart problem should seek doctor’s prescription before taking Adrafinil. Stimulants like caffeine/ coffee should not be taken simultaneously. You should also avoid taking in big dosages than 300 mg at the daily level. To help the body adjust to the drug it is advisable to take a small dosage gradually to the required dosage.


How to use the drug

Adrafinil is one of the strongest Nootropics drug available. To use this drug is best prescribed by the doctor. Taking in a small dose will help the body to give positive results gradually but is not advocated to be a long term use, which causes liver toxicity.


To help the body adjust to the drug it is advisable take a cycling administration like a break of one week after two weeks of consumption and vice versa. Taking 150 to 300 mg daily is recommendable.


What will I feel when I take this? Will Adrafinil always last 9-12 hours?

Those who study if used in a period of one month one will significantly improve general mental performance for high concentration. You also feel alert and presumably those working on night shift or industrial work. Even it helps in avoiding some side effects when taken in the right precaution.



Adrafinil is an artificial Nootropics compound. The drug is a pro-drug for Modafanil. It increases alertness and wakefulness. It is used as a stimulant and fights sleepiness but it does not cause hyperactivity. Taking the drug can improve memory capacity.



Adrafinil was discovered in the early 70’s by scientists in France working under a French pharmaceutical company group Lafon. It was administered to the first patient of narcolepsy in 1986 as an experimental treatment. Before it was deemed, fit as a stimulant people were using caffeine/coffee and other stimulants. It alleviated sleep disorders and the patient lived a normal life again. It is controlled in some states and others it is not for example in the US and Canada is not regulated making Adrafinil to be freely sold without obtaining a doctor prescription.



Adrafinil has some side effects and most of these are caused by overdosing or failure to take the required prescription by the doctor’s guide. The effects can be controlled by subjecting other drugs. These effects include:


  • High blood pressure and heart problems


  • Headache and dizziness; headache is solved by taking Choline supplements


  • Stomach discomfort and nausea


  • Liver toxicity, which is the bad long-term effect of Adrafinil and if combined with alcohol the effect is harsh on the liver.
Conclusion on How Long Adrafinil Will Last

Adrafinil was intended for helping those with excessive sleepiness and lack of attention. It has been able to achieve that goal and more so get another sort of class users. Research is still ongoing on how best to make adrafinil a more useful drug rather than a stimulant like caffeine. Users are advised to take caution on the amount of dosage and also to follow prescription from the physicians. Having adrafinil as a stimuli as many my classify it to be it should be an off and on supplement to avoid short term and long term effects.

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