How Long Does Pramiracetam Last?

What Is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is actually a stimulant that helps stimulate your nervous system.


Pramiracetam actually will help whoever is ingesting it be able to be focused more on everything going on around them and a lot more alert. Your memory has also said to have improved from this supplement. This supplement does not contain anything toxic in its makeup so it is completely safe for people.

Side Effects

Though these side effects are nothing serious and they are very minimal it has been said that some people experience, headaches accompanied by tiredness. Others have had bouts of nervousness.


There are not really any major effects except some people have had GI problems after starting this up which if you do have any symptoms you need to try to alter your dose and cut back on it.

Long term usage 

You may actually benefit from long time usage of this. Pramiracetam actually will in the long haul help you be able to be more aware of everything going on around you and you could potentially become a genius because this kind of help to ease a lot of stuff back and help you concentrate way better then you had been.


Normally, you should not ingest 600 to 900 milligrams in a given days time as this will ultimately give you all the effect and more then you will actually need. You split your dose into two doses, so if you take 300 milligrams when you first wake up in the morning and again in the afternoon or at dinner time then you should be set. You should never play with your dosage or change it without consulting a doctor. You can actually receive pramiracetam in three different values which are a powder, tablets, or a capsule.

Pramiracetam is often times “megadosed,” meaning that the drug is taken in amounts of up to 5-10 times that of the typical dosage. This is very dangerous, and while on many forums they boast of its effectiveness, this should absolutely be avoided at all costs. The minimum effective dosage of Pramiracetam and all other nootropics you take should always be used, this way you minimize the risk of excess side effects and help mitigate the harmful effects of the buildup of tolerance, as well as, a potential addiction.


To conclude, you can already see that this agent acts as an Adderall of sorts and really helps your focusing and alertness abilities, and overall has the purpose of helping you excel and come out on top with a genius-like feature. It helps with so many things and the long term usage is astounding and completely worth it. There are not many side effects but the few that their are if you see any signs of them lower how much of a dose you take daily.

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