How Phenylpiracetam Feels in Relation to Adderall

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How Phenylpiracetam feels in Relation to Adderall

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Phenylpiracetam, one of the safest and most potent smart drugs currently on the market today, is considered by many to be the “miracle drug” they’ve been looking for, with new increasing scientific evidence to back these seemingly overzealous claims, proving Phenylpiracetam’s safety and legitimacy as one of the most widely and effectively used nootropics currently on the
market! Phenylpiracetam’s only miniscule side effect in this sense manifests itself in the form of a dull headache (just like any other racetam) which is quickly alleviated by the addiction of a solid choline source, such as CDP Choline or Alpha GPC. Phenylpiracetam is prescribed overseas to alleviate specific illnesses on a short term and infrequent basis, such as ADHD, narcolepsy, obesity, and in some cases, to help those impaired fight off the strenuous mentality of a partially lucid Alzheimer’s onset.  How Phenylpiracetam feels in relation to Adderall.

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More about Phenylpiracetam

The drug, because of its mild psychostimulatory effects, has also been used by athletes, namely bodybuilders as a preworkout and runners as a way to increase speed and endurance. Phenylpiracetam has even been sold as a workout supplement that can aid sprinters by way of a “general stimulatory effect,” and for such reasons has been banned in the Olympics under the brand name “Carphedron.”Adderall, when taken by someone with little amphetamine or stimulant tolerance, and take by someone with a healthy brain not resembling that of ADHD, can induce sharpness, apprehension, ambition, focus, diminished feelings of weakness, impotence, and extreme euphoria. Phenylpiracetam takes many of these same positive effects of Adderall, adds in a racetam, and kills the horrid Adderall side effects. When taken on an infrequent basis and depending on the user’s current mental and physical state, Phenypiracetam produces many of these same effects, yet to a much lesser, healthier, cleaner, and cumulative degree.

Comparing the Two Stimulants

Phenylpiracetam carries with it, when taken in appropriate doses of 1-700 milligrams, a small array of side effects, not in any way comparable to the harsh risks of addiction and physical abuse that Adderall presents. Although some have reported concerns of addiction to Phenylpiracetam, tests and clinical trials have shown that neither physical nor psychological dependence of the compound can or has ever occurred. Phenylpiracetam however can present tolerance buildup, easily eliminated by a siesta from the stimulant, as well as by the inclusion of L-Tyrosine on days that Phenylpiracetam is not taken.Adderall however, because it is an amphetamine, causes irregular heart beat along with many other problems including: headaches, insomnia, weight loss, and feeling lightheaded. This drug effects your gastrointestinal, endocrine, and your cardiovascular systems negatively creating problems in one or many of the three. Unlike Phenylpiracetam Adderall has shown extremely addictive qualities and when used in higher doses has caused the user to experience dependency and a debilitating, lengthy withdrawal from the drug.

Why Phenylpiracetam is the Safer Alternative

With no side effects and even more positive effects than adderall phenylpiracetam is the safer and more effective drug. Phenylpiracetam is effective in counteracting the gradual decline of cognitive performance, meanwhile adderall has been found to increase memory for a short period of time and thereafter decreasing memory and overall performance of the brain. The effects of Phenylpiracetam are very similar to those of adderall and Phenylpiracetam does not need a prescription so it can easily be purchased without any suspicion over weird drug websites or shady guys in back alleyways; no hassle this drug can be bought in a few minutes and depending on where you buy it from will be in your mailbox in one to two business days. Without any withdrawals from Phenylpiracetam it is easy to miss one day of taking it, whereas with adderall if you miss a day you will feel as if though you had just crawled out of the ninth circle of hell. The psychostimulatory side of Phenylpiracetam does not cause fatigue or tiredness it just gives you the increased stamina and even cardiovascular endurance without the dehydration effect of adderall. Just dont use this drug if you are planning on going into the Olympics, they banned Phenylpiracetam many years ago when it was created, not only because it created the physical effects that give athletes an edge over the competition, but because it is considered to be “too effective.” Many believe that phenylpiracetam is next to a miracle drug, nearly the same good things as adderall but it has none of the bad side effects. It almost sounds too good to be true; A pill that allows you to enhance yourself that is completely legal without a prescription, and it is available at many affordable distributors.

Overall Performance of Phenylpiracetam

Like many, I started using Phenylpiracetam to keep up with the high stress life of a University College, and mainly for calculus. I didn’t want to get hooked into the common pill poppers who choose ADHD medication as a study aid like I had in the past, and I didn’t want the crash from caffeine whenever I needed a boost. Once I discovered nootropics, and Phenylpiracetam in particular, I knew I had found just that. Phenylpiracetam enhanced my memory and my social confidence, which was an unexpected yet pleasing effect of the nootropic. Phenylpiracetam has been reported by many to be stronger than any other nootropic on the market, and I must say that I partially agree with that. Other than the extreme nootropics, this is one of the strongest alongside Noopept and Sunifiram (although each of these nootropics has a specific part of cognitive function it targets. Phenylpiracetam targets memory and focus, Noopept mainly targets memory, and Pramiracetam targets focus). Although the primary role of Phenylpiracetam does not include physical effects, these effects are well controlled by the drug and prevent any problems from occuring that would normally happen in adderall.

Final Thoughts

Adderall, a drug once praised for its enhancing abilities, in actuality, has more disadvantages than benefits. The miniscule side effects of Phenylpiracetam are nothing in comparison to those of adderall, not to mention its addictive qualities and symptoms of withdrawal afterwards. Adderall’s benefits are hardly comparable Phenylpiracetam, not only do the good things about phenylpiracetam outweigh those of adderall, but adderall’s side effects can cause extreme harm to those taking it, whereas the side effects of phenylpiracetam are practically nonexistent. To those taking adderall I would highly recommend that you switch to a healthy dose of phenylpiracetam and choline to counteract the headaches you may get from taking phenylpiracetam. If you are pregnant do not take phenylpiracetam because of the unknown risks involved in that situation.

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