How to Buy a Stock at Lower than its Quoted Share Price!

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How to Buy a Stock

When you see a share price that a ticker symbol is estimated at, it is normally just that, an estimate of what the share price is at that moment. Because stocks fluctuate at such a high degree throughout the day however, you can usually buy a stock at a quote that is lower than its currently (as in for the day’s) quoted share price.

How to do this: First, select a stock that you feels fluctuates around 5% each day. Go to your brokerage account and set a limit order for approx. 1-2 % lower than the quoted share price for the day is. 95% of the time, the stock will fluctuate to that level during the day (only to move back up at a later point), when this happens, you have now bought the stock at cheaper than its original share price! Use this each time you buy a stock to properly capitalize on your marginal percentage gains, and be sure you mark up your profit margin each time you do this. Do it enough, and you’ll know the exact price with which to by each stock at for maximum profit benefits, and you’ll be trading like a wall street guru in no time.

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Another way to map this out is to look at the EPS ratio, normally if it fluctuates a lot (as seen by looking at the stocks previous behavior in the graph), you can place a limit order at as much as 3% lower than the overall share price, giving you a humongous margin of profit once the stock moves upwards for that day!

The best types of stocks to use this trick with (for the largest profit margins) is ETF funds, due in fact to how massively they fluctuate each day. YOU CAN PLACE A LIMIT ORDER AT AS MUCH AS 8% LOWER THAN REGULAR SHARE PRICE!!

Final Thoughts

With the world of stocks comes limitless possibilities, and an immense possibility for wealth creation. Try your hand at this strategy, you won’t be disappointed! Hit up our nootropics store for all your supplement needs

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