How to Eliminate any Drug Tolerance with DXM

While DXM is not available, we have Piracetam which also lowers amphetamine tolerance.

DXM for Eliminating Amphetamine Tolerance, is it Real?

While DXM is not available here, we have Piracetam for sale of which also helps to lower amphetamine tolerance in significant amounts. For best results, take 1-3 Piracetam capsules daily

Many forums such as bluelight and longecity have recently been posting incessantly about the effects of DXM (found in robotussin cough syrup) for modulating your NDMA receptors, and for eliminating amphetamine tolerance. Is this trick real? Why does this work? And what dosage should we take for best results (also…no amphetamine tolerance! Why don’t people know about

this?) So for the sake of this blog, I set out to find these answers, while also embarking on an experiment, I would be a human guinea pig for the pharmaceutical industry, trying to relive my first time on Adderall.

The claim

Longecity and bluelight both claim that if you take the amount of robotussin with DXM in the amount of the full measuring cup at the top of the bottle, then take the Adderall around an hour later, your tolerance will be significantly reduced. Why this is so is somewhat up in flames, people claimed that it restores your receptors, that the chemicals interact synergistically, and that it “modulates your NDMA receptors”….whatever the f*** that means. So without further ado, I will give this experiment a shot and see what happens.

The experiment – Review

Full measuring cup of DXM robotussin, wait one hour, pop an Adderall XR 30 miligrams.


The DXM shot went down pretty horribly, and then it was time to take my Adderall. Honestly…I have no doubt in my mind that this works, though I hadn’t taken an amphetamine in quite a while, so my tolerance was reduced anyways (nonetheless after the shot, the effects were still extremely strong.) It felt pretty close to my first time on Adderall again, it lasted around 12 hours, I was euphoric and work was a blast, and I got more work done in one day than I would’ve in 3 days sober…usual Adderall type feeling.

Side Effects

I was very dehydrated and had a mild headache, yet no twitches or any serious side effects occurred, I was very motivated and overall it was an extremely good experience. L

Final Thoughts

Though I actually would not recommend trying this because of how unstudied and untested this is and because of how potentially stupid it is (also your results may vary, and what I felt could’ve easily been placebo effect), if you decide to give it a try, be careful and make sure you take the lowest dose of Adderall possible. Comment down below with your experiences or questions, and for safer alternatives to this, check out some much safer and over the long term, much more effective nootropics.


  1. B
    , 2017-01-18

    I would not do this because the risk of serotonin syndrome. Amphetamines increases serotonin levels and DXM is a reuptake inhibitors that can cause seizures and possible death when taken simultaneously. If taken together, only take modest amounts at your own risk.


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