How to Get your Doctor to Prescribe you Adderall

How to Get an Adderall Prescription

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If you’re an overachiever like I was, just getting by with B’s, while a drug can skyrocket you to A’s, is simply not an option. The problem is that getting Adderall off hand or from friends is extremely illegal, gets very costly, and if you’re doing it all the time, is downright stupid. So, as much as I sometimes hate discussing this topic because of how dangerous it can become, here is how to manipulate your doctor and parents into writing you an Adderall script.

If you have helicopter parents…

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You’re going to first have to convince them that you have ADD/ADHD, that you’ve had it all your life, and that it is seriously messing with your grades and quality of life. When I did this (read at your own risk) I was using Adderall so much that I ran out of money, and had devised a plot.

I started failing a few hard tests so that my grades dropped to C’s, told my mother that I have ADD and that I had been exhibiting symptoms my whole life (and that it just was never properly diagnosed), and began to ask her to take me to a doctor in order to get help with my “problem.” Looking back at it, the way in which I did it was somewhat unorthodox, and when I got to the doctor’s office (on Adderall might I add), my performance was near flawless, yet it STILL took multiple tries to get what I wanted without begin caught.

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Here’s the gist of what I said after I begged and manipulated my parents to take me to my doctor

doctor: “What are you here for”

me: “I’m here since I’ve been dealing with ADHD ever since I was a child and finally want treatment for it”

my mom buts in and starts asking questions about stuff she read online that has almost nothing to do with what I’m “dealing” with

Then I ask if there’s any natural methods I can use (I knew he was going to say no…doctor’s push this stuff like candy)

doctor: “there’s synaptol and diet but honestly….none of these really do anything, only thing that actually changed anything is stimulant medications”

my mind: YEASSSSSS

me “okay so what do you recommend, ritalin, or um, what’s it called, adderan” I said, trying to sound stupid as ever

doctor: ” I recommend Ritalin, no wait, Focalin actually, but I’ll give you Adderall if that’s what you want” he looked me dead in the eye

at this point I knew the doctor knows in the back of his mind that I’m trying to get drugs

my mom is there so I can’t just say “give me Adderall” So I get stuck with the focalin, which I later find out is horrible

so long story short…I have to wait a month and a few more doctor’s appointments before I get Adderall, then a few more after that to get him to increase the dosage until I have the holy grail of ADHD medications…Adderall XR 30 milligrams

So like I said, don’t do this, it’s extremely dangerous and nootropics are a wayyy better alternative, but if your heart is set on it or you’re like an engineering major, then reading some guys blog won’t stop you. What I DO suggest however if you’re going to do it is just make sure that you eat and sleep properly while on it and to use piracetam and noopept to stack with it,they make Adderall work EXTREMELY better and more potent, make it last longer, and totally eliminate any crash…Adderall+Adrafinil+Noopept+CDP Choline=legitamite limitless pill. Or Try Hydrafinil, might be stronger than even that!

So you know…do what you’re gonna do, but be safe!

Final Thoughts

If you plan on using Adderall, make a plan to minimize tolerance, use nootropics with it, use nootropics when you’re off it, supplement fish oil, magnesium, L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine, and watch out for any signs of addiction. Take breaks and eat properly and you should be A-okay! More posts on getting smart drug scripts coming soon on Modafinil, and Armodafinil!

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  1. Tommy
    , 2016-08-04

    Hey I’m going through the exact same thing that your going through like down to the letter. I have concerts now but my mom.thinks it’s working and I don’t want to seem suspicious and be like ya I want Adderall. If you could reply it would be much appreciated. Cheers


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