How to Get your Doctor to Prescribe you Provigil?

Get a Prescription for Provigil

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If you’re trying to get a prescription for Provigil (also known as modafinil, etc.), and you are trying to go the legal route, i.e. not importing it through sketchy and questionably legal online pharmacies-though this is the route most people go, there are several ways of doing so, and this post will highlight all of them. Also, insight will be give on what Provigil does, why and who should or should not take this drug, and links from Dave Asprey’s the bulletproof executive on what he has done while taking Provigil for 8 YEARS STRAIGHT!

Let’s get started

More about Modafinil

There are two routes you can go while trying to get Provigil

The less sketchy (while also more risky) route….
Convince your doctor that you are obese, have ADHD and don’t want to get on a stimulant..this is the easiest route, be able to somehow prove that you have narcolepsy, or fake an illness on the list of “cognitive disorders” that Modafinil is prescribed for. The easiest way to go for this would be ADHD, say that you’ve been struggling with focus issues all your life, but that you’ve had a family member who got messed up off Adderall, Ritalin etc..and that you were looking into alternatives that WORK and came across Provigil, I’d say about fifty percent of the time, this route will work, all depends on your doctor, if one doctor says no, you can always switch doctors, “doctor hopping” as they call it is illegal and severely frowned upon, though almost impossible to catch;)

The more likely route

Buy it online!! Honestly its a fairly easy nootropic to get over the web, and though its a prescription, its entirely legal to import for personal use! Hell the stuff used to be legal to buy over the counter back in the 90’s for a few months (before people started eating it like candy…because it WORKS).

When using provigil, it works best if you stack it with a racetam and a choline source, the racetam will bump up your memory capabilities, while at the same time helping ward off any unpleasant side effects, or minor crashes that you might endure. If you have a cool doctor, you could even ask him what he knows or thinks about nootropics…I tried this with my doctor and he spilled
everything he knew like an open book, even using the phrase “because of pharmaceuticals we’re not really supposed to talk about this but” so that’s also why I’m such a guru with this stuff;)

Final Thoughts

A warning to those with addictive personalities, get on provigil rather than an ADHD psychostimulant, which can have horrible side effects and an extremely high risk of addiction. Provigil is one of the few drugs with no addictive qualities to it, and can be taken in dosages as high as 400 milligrams per day. As for getting your doctor to prescribe you provigil I will be completely honest with you,if neither of the two above methods work for you, you are kind’ve SOL….legally that is. Just order it from an online pharmacy..or if you have really good insurance and want the discount, order a prescription for it from an online pharmacy…it’s not that sketchy, it is just modafinil, which is legal to import, anyways, enjoy!


  1. MO
    , 2016-07-30

    I really want to start taking this.I told my doctor I want to start provigil after being on psychostimulants the last 2 years(add). He said no because long term it will cost a lot,insurance wont cover it unless I’m diagnosed with narcolepsy. I found a coupon from a site I use a lot when the insurance isn’t up to date.For 30 50mg pills it’s 88 dollars. I don’t mind buying provigil online but I really want to 30 free pills of nuvigil trial since it saves $60.

    What do you think I should do?


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