How to Ride Nootropics to Success – A Lifestyle

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How to Ride Nootropics to Success

“When Society Demands Perfection, Give It to Them”

Ever wish you could be a step ahead of the game, that you could have perfect memory, study for tests easier, maybe even impress a few friends with your intelligence? I think just about everybody does, and I think I’ve actually found the pathway for achieving it. It’s not a miracle pill, not a single magic exercise or a special type of herbal tea, but instead a LIFESTYLE. This lifestyle will ultimately rewire your brain,changing your synapses and allowing you to maintain    more knowledge, energy, confidence, and ultimately, meet the perfect version of yourself every motivational speaker has supposedly been talking about.

As a recovering addict, a former MMA fighter, a lover of knowledge, and someone who strives to become an overachiever in everything, these activities that make up my enhancement lifestyle have made me a better version of myself in every which way, and I can truly say that they have a noticeable and a profound impact on my everyday life, and on the health and power of my brain, body, emotions, spirit, and mind.

More about Nootropics

What you’re about to read has the ability to take you to places you never even dreamed of. My true aphorism for each and every human is that we all have the ability to be successful, have the ability to achieve more than we’ve ever dreamed of just by optimizing our brains, and accessing our higher minds.


This is how it started for me, realizing that our intelligence and brain function are not set in stone at birth, but instead merely serve as starting points for where we can further enhance them. Through neuroplasticity, and our brains extrordinary way of repairing itself, a higher mindset and a better, more actively functioning brain is achievable, and believe me, coming from a former junkie, it’s well worth the effort, your brain and your world will thank you:)

Steps to becoming truly great, and enhancing yourself
In no particular order, the steps needed on your path to greatness, and for creating your perfect mind.


Not to be confused with neurotoxic drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, EffectivenessConcerta, Desoxyn etc. that have a significant rebound effect, and risk falling into the trap that got me (see my memoir “Confessions of an AP Student for why NOT to do this). Instead, this new batch of drugs that deserve a class of their own (sometimes called noots) have no, or very little rebound effect, and are safer and less addictive than even coffee. Again, further posts will go into more detail on each and every substance but for now, here’s the gist, in order of effectiveness.

{Also, for maximum benefits, take with a choline source (Alpha Brain, Choline Bitrate etc.). Nootropics temporarily decrease the stores of acetylcholine in the brain, with the only actual symptom manifesting itself in the form of minor headaches, easily curable with a choline source (whether through diet or supplementation.)

Short Term Effectiveness                                                      Long Term

1. Phenylpiracetam                                                                             1. Noopept
2. Noopept                                                                                            2. Oxiracetam
3. Pramiracetam                                                                                  3. Aniracetam
4. Oxiracetam                                                                                       4. Piracetam
5. Aniracetam                                                                                       5. Pramiracetam
6. Nefiracetam                                                                                      6. Phenylpiracetam
7. Piracetam                                                                                          7. Nefiracetam

*As a side note, another common drug listed as a nootropic modafinil, also known as provigil has surged through the market as a neuroprotective alternative to Adderall. In this situation, Phenylpiracetam is much preferred as modafinil’s rebound effect can mimic a sort of amphetamine withdrawal, also causing weight loss, addiction, psychosis, and to an extent DA receptor downregulation (see nootropic post for detalis.)

Consider an attack dose for piracetam, aniracetam, pramiracetam and oxiracetam as well, ie: a 3x usual dosage, in order to get the drug into your system faster and notice MORE pronounced effects. These four exhibit cross tolerance (more taken, the better the effect), so an attack dose is the best way to go about using them 😉

My number one supplement in the long term is Noopept, as it actually has a specific NGF or nerve growth factor, increasing the size of neuron’s in the brain and creating more gray matter in the process. For the short term however Phenylpiracetam, also known as Phenotropil or Carphedron, is HANDS DOWN THE ABSOLUTE MOST EFFECTIVE NOOTROPIC IN EXISTENCE. If you’re trying to get out of the Adderall generation and instead rise above it, Phenylpiracetam is the new kind of pill for cramming, or just to get ahead on a paper. It also has profound effects on strength and endurance, allowing for longer and harder workouts. BE WARNED HOWEVER, Phenylpiracetam is INCREDIBLY effective due to the added Phenyl group, acting on DA receptors. HOWEVER it builds up a minute amount of tolerance, meaning if the dosage is upped, it can never be lowered while having the same, profound effects. This supplement should be used on days when you need to be on your A game, ie: a speech, business meeting, a 25 page report to write in 12 hours:) Good luck and please use responsibly!


When starting a nootropic, don’t expect to become limitless (Except  maybe for Phenylpiracetam or Noopept:) But instead expect to see  steady, increasing cognitive benefits over time. Good  luck, the world thanks you.


This section will be mostly for recovering addicts (see further posts on “quitting your ADHD medication for good” and “Rising above the stimulant abuse peer pressure”.) If you’ve taken Adderall for quite some time, then you’ll know what I mean when I say it takes almost EVERYTHING out of you for 3-6 months. In cases of chronic abuse (like myself in the past;)) It can take even longer. Here are my absolute BEST supplements for overcoming your addiction or dependence on ADHD medication, or just to improve your functioning on a more natural scale if you take them for ADHD.

In order of effectiveness as well as for most needed………

1. L-Tyrosine – The amino acid the neurotransmitter dopamine is synthesized out of. [phenylalanine-L-Tyrosine-L-Dopa-Dopamine-Norepinephrine]. Not only is it extremely beneficial in the long run, but for the short term it has a significant impact in your energy, clarity of thought, mood etc. When I was detoxing from HEAVY Adderall abuse, I was taking 5 grams a day (ten 500 milligram pills) for fifteen days. Around that time, I started getting tired when I was on it-signaling my receptors were healed, go for it:)

2. 5-HTP– The amino acid the neurotransmitter serotonin is synthesized out of. Serotonin is not as heavily impacted in stimulant use and abuse as dopamine is, but it will help with sleep, and overall brain function (as well as maintaining the circadian rhythm *wake in the morning & sleep at night.)

3. Creatine– Provides a significant amount of physical energy when used in conjunction with a proper diet and weight lifting program. (*Good for use in recovery of opiate and amphetamine addictions, as they tend to come with weight loss.) The more muscle you gain, the more proteins your brain will have available,

4. Alpha Brain– Helps replenish stores of acetylcholine in the brain, has a significant nootropic effect on its own (for addicts, gives the energy to produce more dopamine for themselves, through exercise and strenuous mental activities such as writing, language acquisition etc.)

5. Magnesium -helps brain produce more dopamine and serotonin, aids in detox, acts to a small extent as a Monamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) anti depressant effect by blocking the re uptake of monamine oxidase in the brain:)

                                                                         The Art of Sexual Transmutation

By far THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON THIS LIST, hence saving the best for last. Whether you’ve read this blog through all the way, or you’ve skimmed through it looking for something interesting, keep reading because you’ve found it.  Here goes: Males, sexual transmutation refers to continuing to have sex (solo or with a partner) and refraining from orgasm for long periods at a time (up to 3 weeks.) This GREATLY increases energy, confidence, stamina, strength, and overall motivation and concentration. I used this myself for writing my novel, finishing it in just under 6 months:) Believe me, it WORKS amazingly. However, this is not for the faint of heart, not by a long shot. In my opinion it is the biggest test of willpower humanely possible. Go For it.

For more information, you may want to check out “Think and Grow Rich” by: Napolean Hill, the guy was a freaking genius, and became a millionaire with his proven tactics:)

My Final Advice

Remember that we all have the ability to be great (I am saying this  legitimately not just
for kicks here, try the system and you’ll believe it too), but that in order to access it we must devote ourselves to a higher purpose and to a higher state of self. In the beginning, the lifestyle may seem a tad overwhelming (first 5-7 days). Luckily our brains our wired in such a way that the longer we do it, the easier, and even more pleasurable it gets. You’ll notice the effects sooner rather than later, stick with it, and you’ll be on your own path to greatness.

Comment with any questions, and please post your own experiences with the lifestyle, I look forward to hearing , and don’t forget to check out our nootropics store 🙂 Now go out and do it, your brain will thank you I promise 😉


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