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The Timing of Taking Nootropics, How to Use them Most Effectively

When, where, and what you use nootropics for can do wonders for your career, academics and your life. To use the right nootropics for the right thing however, often times requires adequate knowledge of them. This article will serve to provide a blueprint for what nootropics are best for what, how they can supercharge your career, which ones are best for the workforce and which ones for school, and finally what each one does to the brain, in a general sense. Use nootropics to better your career and your life, here’s the gist of what nootropics are best for what. Each serves as either a single nootropic for the event, or as a list of nootropics that you can stack together for optimum benefits towards your goal.

Stressful Career

Modafinil-Modafinil will give you the drive, motivation, and ability to stay up for long periods of time one can often times need in a stressful career. It has been labeled “the CEO’s drug” by many, and is now found t

o be used in the military, wall street, and even in Washington. Using Modafinil in moderation can be a great way to jump start any career.

Noopept– Noopept will add a degree of intelligence, mental endurance, clarity of thought, and memory unprecedented in comparison to other smart drugs. Overall it is a great nootropic for any large assignment, project, or career path, and can make a great addiction to this career improving stack.

Sunifiram-When thrown in with this stack, in moderation, sunifiram can produce an Adderall like effect, allowing you to be in the zone and have those perfect, on-fire days everyone looking to climb the corporate ladder needs to have. Use it in moderation alongside the rest of your stack and you’ll have amazing benefits towards your career, and your cognitive functioning.

Phenylpiracetam-A unique stimulant-like nootropic, it will provide a mild euphoria and amphetamine type energy that can help drive you towards a more successful career, and a more productive schedule.

Citicholine-The balancer of your nootropic stack, Citicholine will make sure that your brains acetylcholine stores are fully replenished, will add to your clarity of thought, and will ultimately stabilize the nootropopics in your stack, ensuring all nootropics are working to the most potent of their ability, and ensuring overall, near perfect functioning.

Public Speaking

Phenylpiracetam– A great nootropic for improving social skills, motivation, and verbal fluency, Phenylpiracetam will ensure that you will be alert, awake and focused for your speech, giving the best presentation possible with your stimulated, fluency with words, and total clarity of thought.

Aniracetam– Aniracetam will improve the functioning of Phenylpiracetam while also providing a much needed diminish in social anxiety, allowing you to function at full capacity when giving your speech. Aniracetam will enhance clarity of thought, fluidity of speech, and add nicely to the rest of your stack.

Phenibut– The extreme, mood boosting nootropic. It will brighten your mood, increase euphoria, and allow you an optimal, euphoric state of mind while giving your speech.

Writing Papers

Noopept– Noopept greatly increases creativity and mental stamina, the latter being most important during long papers as it will allow you to write prolifically for longer periods of time. It will also aid focus, allowing you to sit down and write a lot at one time with a relative degree of ease.

Phenylpiracetam– A stimulating nootropic, it will give you just enough energy to pull an all nighter and finish that paper.

Pramiracetam– One of the stronger racetams (second only to Phenylpiracetam), pramiracetam has a stimulating, clear type of effect that will have you writing a paper fast, fluidly, consistently, and for as lengthy a period of time as needed.

Aniracetam– Aniracetam will allow you to stabilize the stimulating type nootropics above into a clear, concentrated energy concentrated specifically on killing that paper at hand.

Alpha Brain Stack– The alpha brain stack will aid focus and clarity of thought (due to its added blend of vitamins and herbal nootropics) and the GPC choline will level out the rest of the noots in your stack, ensuring they are all working at peak capacity. It will also allow your nootropic stack to last longer, making this a perfect topper to write for long periods of time.

Difficult Studying

Desmopressin-Desmopressin significantly improves memory, both short term and long term. Take two hits in each nostril before each exam and watch as your memory boost becomes extremely profound. Great for learning something difficult, memorizing tons of definitions or formulas, or even learning a difficult skill, such as a language.

Improved Social Skills and Diminished Social Anxiety

Phenylpiracetam– The stimulant-like effect will make you more energized and outgoing.

Aniracetam-Will diminish anxiety and slightly strengthen the effect of the Phenylpiracetam.

Job Interviews/Important Meetings

Modafinil-Modafinil will give you the sustained alertness, motivation, and unprecedented motivation you need during a job interview or important business meeting. It will also give you a slight euphoric buzz and possible anxiety reduction from its increase in confidence.

Noopept– Improve clarity of thought, social skills, that thinking on your feel response, and overall creativity. Great for social environments nad meetings.

Aniracetam-Lowers social anxiety, will add nicely to the effects of the above nootropics.

Pulling All-Nighters

Modafinil-Hands down, modafinil is the king in this scenario. You will feel alert, focused, and ready to conquer the world, even on little to no sleep.

Pulling All-Nighters and Functioning the Next Day

Modafinil– For the day after an all-nighter, so you are still at peak function, Modafinil will allow you to function the next day as if you’ve slept a full cycle, and maybe a little extra. Top CEO’s have been reported to pull an all-nighter with caffeine, only to follow up the all nighter with a modafinil, going about their day as if they’d slept perfectly!

Physical Exercise and Stamina Improvement

Phenylpiracetam– Phenylpiracetam has been shown in studies to increase physical endurance, as well as the ability to exercice for long periods of time.

Piracetam-Piracetam can also improve endurance on a very minute level, allowing for a slight mental and physical boost once you being your workout.

Noopept-Similar improvement effects on endurance and exercise as piracetam, only with much more potent and more noticeable benefits.

Before Competitions-Whether Corporate and/or Athletic

Phenylpiracetam– Before competition, such as a debate or athletic meet, Phenylpiracetam will put you in the zone, as well as improving overall physical and cognitive performance. Phenylpiracetam has been used in the Olympics for cycling, as well as by sprinters in order to aid physical functioning.

Modafinil– Modafinil has also been used in the Olympics, by sprinters claiming they had narcolepsy in order to get a script for it. On rare occasions, and if you’re in proper health, a low dose of Modafinil can put you in just the right zone, and with the right physical boost to ace any athletic or corporate competition.                                                          

Before Large Corporate Events            

Sunifiram-Sunifiram has nootropic effects that can only be described as a revamped form of Adderall, keeping the amphetamine like benefits but without the side effects. It will give you the confidence and clarity of thought to be at your all on days you need to be in your zone.

Phenylpiracetam-Stimulant-like, motivating buzz and improved confidence.

Phenibut-Mood boosting nootropic, mild euphoria and can give a helpful confidence boost needed in the corporate world. Also causes a decrease in anxiety.

Before a Promotional Opportunity

Phenylpiracetam and/or Noopept– Will increase clarity of thought and confidence, as well as increasing dopamine and acetylcholine levels at just the right amount to put you on you’re A-game using either Phenylpiracetam, or Noopept, or both in conjunction.

Aniracetam-Will decrease anxiety and complement the rest of the nootropcis in your stack.

Citicholine– Strongest type of choline, ensures all nootropics are workin at their peak capacity.

Final Thoughts

The potential of Nootropics for Writers, Artists, Speakers, and Musicians

Nootropics cognitive benefits can have huge benefits in the workforce on productivity, but there real potential, in my opinon, lies in their potential for creating new products of artwork. Be it writers, musicians, orators or painters, for thousands of years, artists have changed their state of consciousness in an effort to create improved, different, and even monumental works.

Nootropics in a sense however, most likely pose the most improvements in work towards writers, and speakers. By using the proper types of nootropics, such as ones that stimulate, ones that improve mental fluidity and endurance, and ones that permanently enhance brain function and promote adequate clarity of thought, speakers can present to their audience in a much more confident and charismatic manner, and writers can produce tens of thousands of words per day, a benefit and side effect of using proper nootropics. As nootropics become more popularized in modern culture, artists in general, but most noticeably writers and speakers, will begin to make insane works of art at a much higher pace than usual, and we will soon see artwork produced at a more amazing, profound, and beautiful rate than usual due to the use and administration of nootropics.

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