How to use Cerebrolysin

How to Use Cerebrolysin

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Cerebrolysin is a new nootropic that has considerable benefits on cognitive abilities in a human. It is a compound that occurs naturally in pig brains via a standardized enzymatic process, and hence, is made from pig brains. It has to be administered through an injection. It is a protein-based liquid that comprises of neuropeptides. They are active brain peptides that occur biologically, which are used by neurons to aid communication with each other. These peptides penetrate the barrier of blood and brain, leading to their action directly upon neurons.


Benefits of Cerebrolysin

  • It aids in the neurogenesis process, which is a process of development of new nerve cells.
  • This is particularly essential in the hippocampus as there is an essentiality of new neurons here in order to enhance the memory formation process.
  • This process becomes efficient and improved, leading to recalling and retaining of existing memories.
  • The supplement stimulates or promotes synaptic repair in the area of the hippocampus, thereby enhancing overall neurotransmission.
  • This ensures greater information transport in the regions of the brain.
  • This is essentially beneficial for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • This reduces amyloid production in the brain, which builds plaque in the brain tissues and causes Alzheimer’s. More plaque can lead to more damage, which can be controlled using Cerebrolysin.
  • It minimizes cell death rate termed as apoptosis. This function can treat many conditions such as ischemic strokes, post-operative trauma, senile dementia, brain contusions and other brain disorders.
  • It works as a neurotrophic and neuroprotective agent. It acts on the human body by delaying the disease progression.


More Information

It has been proven to be of great help to Alzheimer’s patients. It should be used only with medical professional’s advice. It can prevent and treat Alzheimer’s or any other mental disorder to a certain extent.


This supplement is given to the patient in a specific method and in a special dosage. The administration is through an IV infusion or via an intramuscular injection. The dosage is about 5-30ml, which is taken daily. However, it can also be divided and administered as one ampoule of 5ml that can be taken at different times of the day. Most of the users are administered a 5ml dosage. This is done for about five subsequent days. It has to be given for a 4-week period. This schedule is again repeated after a period of two-months. The effects and side effects due to its administration have to be noted accordingly and observed carefully. The treatment should be undertaken only under the advice of a specialist and under a qualified professional.

Side Effects of Cerebrolysin:

Currently, this supplement has no side effects and has a very good safety record. There has been no toxicity or concern regarding its use with respect to safety as of now. This involves the drug interactions and other contradictions. However, minor side effects have been noticed, which are rare and different in different individuals. These include dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches and heat sensations. This supplement is not recommended for people who are suffering from problems of the kidney and using MAO-inhibitors/anti-depressants.

Apart from them, pregnant/breast feeding women are also prohibited from taking this supplement.

Final Thoughts

While Cerebrolysin can be extremely dangerous, and is near schedule one with regards to its legality, we have many Ampakine nootropics available, which will give you the extreme brain enhancement effects you’re looking for, such as Noopept


  1. Bamboo
    , 2016-10-15

    I have used Cerebrolysin at 5ml a day for short cycles of 10 days, several times cycles now. Always a few weeks between cycles.

    The initial effects were astounding. I found 10ml a day to be too strong. However, the effects were more pronounced.

    The IM injection is completely painless, you just need to google how to do it properly. I also follow proper hygiene protocols.

    I was storing half of the 10ml amp in the fridge, in a sealed container, for the next day. As buying 10ml works out to be much cheaper. However, I found that the effects are not the same after the 24hrs in storage.

    I have noticed significant improvements in ability to concentrate, enhanced vision, overall improvement in cognitive functioning. These effects are what remains after the transient effects, which last about 48hrs after each injection.

    It can be subtly psychologically addictive, as there is a kind of whole body deep feeling of well-being, which is part of the transient effects.

    I do feel certain this has virtually eliminated ADD.

    Also, subsequent to taking this, other Nootropics appear to be stronger in their effects.
    I no longer need Mondafinal.
    I only need very small amounts of other Nootropics and even then, the effects are way stronger than they were previous to taking the Cerebrolysin.

    I would recommend this for anyone with ADD, also for people wanting to save money on Nootropics, as the effect I mentioned of needing less, seems a common one.

    IM injection of 5ml effects start within 3 mins and build for approx 3hrs, lasting 48hrs. However, the transient effects are just a bonus, the long term, lasting impact is truly astounding. Way beyond what I could ever have anticipated.

    Thank God for the Mad Scientist who created Cerebrolysin

    Thank you Porky

  2. Omer
    , 2016-10-21

    Hello There,
    Actually i just want know about side effect , my mother is suffering with Dementia , Stroke,
    And please let me know how to used it ,

  3. Mohammed Shareef
    Mohammed Shareef
    , 2016-11-22

    I live in Saudi Arabia and my Neurologist has suggested CEREBROLYSIN 5ml injections every day for one month. Kindly advise the cost and how I could buy and get it through air courier service such as FEDEX or DHL. Thanks.


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