How Unifiram Compares to Modern Psychostimultants

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How Unifiram Compares to Modern Psychostimultants

Unifiram is a nootropic ampakine drug that is slightly stronger and more effective than Sunifiram, bares its molecular structure to a near tee, and that is significantly stronger than many current ADHD psychostimulants prescribed on the market today. The first time I took Unifiram (whilst having exceedingly high expectations) I got an effect much the same to that of Sunifiram, yet with much more potent visual acuity (the brightness in color effect that many nootropics can have) and with a significantly longer time span of effects, with sunifiram lasting around two hours and Unifiram lasting closer to five.

That said, just ten minutes after sublingually ingesting a Sunifiram tablet I noticed immense drive, motivation, euphoria, and increased visual perception, leading me to finish studying, writing, homework, hang out with friends, and finally walk miles around my University campus without even breaking a sweat, and all the while having loads of fun! If you haven’t tried ampakine nootropics yet, I suggest starting with Sunifiram before working your way up to Unifiram, and as strong as Unifiram is in comparison, it is extremely expensive, whereas Sunifiram is dirt cheap (while they are almost the same molecule, Sunifiram is easy to synthesize and Unifiram is extremely complicated.) If you’re looking for something that’s just a tad stronger than Sunifiram, is a longer lasting version of it, and that can put Adderall to shame as far as drive and motivation are put into play, Unifiram may just be the ampakine nootropic smart drug you’ve been looking for!

More Information

Here’s how Unifiram compares to other smart drugs and ADHD medications…

Adderall-Unifiram’s euphoria is much cleaner and more clear than Adderall’s, which can sometimes feel like a speedy, disgusting mess. Unifiram also boasts improvements in vision, memory, verbal recall, social confidence, and overall concentration.

Vyvanse-Vyvanse is kind’ve like a baby Adderall, it is an amfetamine, rather than an amphetamine, meaning it’s a pro-drug (turns into amphetamine in the liver) and is therefore significantly weaker. Both Unifiram and Sunifiram blow this ADHD medication out of the water in terms of every mental facet.

Modafinil-One of the stronger nootropic varieties, yet significantly weaker in relation to things like Adderall or Ritalin, Modafinil has often had phrases coined about it including “The CEO’s drug,” “Wall Street’s New Drug of Choice,” and “The Real Limitless Pill.” While these are all gross exaggerations of the pills effects, Modafinil does actually have a pretty decent burst of alertness and clean energy, allowing one to remain alert and focused for hours at a time. Still, it lacks much of the mild euphoria and memory improvenets that the racerams can have.

Sunifiram-Nearly identical to the drug of comparison, Unifiram, Sunifiram portrays its exact effects only slightly weaker, and with a duration at about half as long. Unifiram and Sunifiram are currently my favorite smart drugs, and I recommend them to anyone looking to gain a serious mental edge!

Final Thoughts

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, Unifiram is one of the lesser known and lesser sold nootropics, and if you can manage to get your hands on it, appreciate it, as it is extremely potent and often times a rarity to find. For more information on the ampakine nootropics and how you can increase their potency, visit our “ampakine nootropics” category, or check out sunifiram in the nootropics store!

Update: *Sunifiram has now been deemed unsafe for human consumption, we no longer carry it…..luckily however Noopept is virtually identical in both effects and structure!

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