Huperzine A for quitting Smoking

Huperzine A for Quitting Smoking



When someone wants to quit smoking it becomes difficult kicking the habit and even if you do, you might catch up on it again. This may happen again and again because of the cravings and temptation for smoking. The result is endless coughing, pale lips, uncomfortable breathing and much more.

There are many options for alternate smoking, but it may not work for any and everyone. Say for instance, Nicotine patches may cause nausea in some, Xanax may not help if you have anxiety issues and tachychardia, selegeline might not help if other issues are associated with your health. These however, come with their own side effects and addictive qualities, (not to mention legal issues), which makes them ill advised in the help of quitting smoking, and more specifically, in detoxing from regular nicotine usage.

This is where Huperzine A for quitting smoking will come to your rescue, which is effective and highly helpful in quitting smoking where some others have failed!

What is Huperzine A?

Huperzine A is a chemical that comes from club moss of a particular variety, which has a potential of being medically active. It is a plant based chemical that belongs to a class of alkaloids. It was initially found by Chinese scientists in 1948. It is a drug rather than an herb and sold as a dietary supplement over the counter in many pharmacies. It also helps with loss of memory and mental impairment. It is quite helpful in patients suffering with Alzheimer’s. It acts as a brain booster thereby boosting memory.

How does it work?

Huperzine A is an enzyme inhibitor. This enzyme is called acetylcholinesterase. The function of this enzyme is to break down acetylcholine, which has a primary role in mental function. Acetylcholine levels rise when the enzyme inhibition takes place and thereby it increases brain activity too. Hyperzine A has a very precise and an accurate chemical action. This cannot destroy acetylcholine. It aids in protection from damage of the nerve cells.

Hyperzine A is available as a dietary supplement just like any drug. It is prepared by high purification in the lab. It is actually only one chemical unlike a herb which has many chemicals. Hence this is rather a drug like codeine, Digoxin, vincristine, Sudafed, etc. These drugs are also similarly taken from plants and are chemicals that are highly purified. We can call the treatment of Hyperzine A as a natural treatment.

Dosage: It is a potential compound which is recommended in a dose of about 100-200mcg, 2 times in a day. It is preferred to be used after doctor’s consultation, especially if there are other conditions of health associated. The reason Huperzine A can help with quitting smoking is that it lowers anxiety, improves focus, and generally improves mood and overall health, the very things that smoking withdrawal can take away! Combined with proper diet and exercise, Huperzine A can really help a smoker kick the habit.

Safety Issues

It is considered safe for all, with exception of certain people. These include pregnant women, breastfeeding woman, children, people who have high Blood Pressure, people with severe kidney illnesses and people with severe liver issues.Other than this, if you are on other drugs, it is essential to confirm whether it interacts with those drugs, especially the drugs that act in a similar fashion for treatment. Huperzine A though, can essentially be stacked with other drugs without any real harmful side effects.

Who can take this drug?

This drug can be taken by anyone who wants to quit smoking and boost memory. It is quite suitable for hypoallergenic and vegetarians. The product does not contain any dairy products, yeast, gluten, egg, wheat, soy or corn. It has no salt, sugar, colorings, starch and flavors.

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