The Recommended Dosage Of Hydrafinil

What Is Hydrafinil?

Hydrafinil is a powerful analogue of Provigil and is touted as a stronger alternative to Adrafinil. Hydrafinil is typically bragged about in common online forums, as being nearly 10x as powerful as Adrafinil on a single dose. Dosages of Hydrafinil are typically lower than that of Adrafinil, and while it is a shorter acting nootropic, it is much more powerful in feeling, effect, and mechanism of action.


Hydrafinil has a myriad of benefits on the human brain, including:

  • Increased focus and mental stamina
  • Euphoria
  • More energy throughout the day,
  • Greater wakefulness,
  • Less of a need for food and sleep, and
  • More productivity.

This drug is typically used by businessmen and women, and hard-working, high-pressure salespeople looking for a boost in performance and revenue.

Recommended Dosage

The best Hydrafinil dosage typically ranges from 50 to 80-mg in a single serving. This can be reduced multiple times throughout the day, as it typically lasts for about four hours. Not every individual will react well, and/or feel a significant effect from Hydrafinil (and while a good 90% of the majority do experience very good effects). It’s always important to take into account one’s own biochemistry and tolerance to other stimulants. Hydrafinil is a powerful “wakefulness-promoting” nootropic drug, and since it is in the category of a stimulant nootropic, and is not a racetam, it does not require choline to function properly. Choline would, however, like many other Acetylcholine reuptake drugs, serve to enhance the effects of Hydrafinil.

How to Use Hydrafinil

Use Hydrafinil in powder form and by taking 50-80 milligrams in a single serving. A typically serving lasts for about four hours (and boy can I tell you from experience that it’s a great four hours), and it’s up to the individual user to decide after that whether or not they would like to take more of the drug. Hydrafinil feels a lot like Adrafinil, but without many of the harsh side effects.

Long-Term Use

Long-term use of Hydrafinil is seriously not recommended by any means. Hydrafinil is a powerful stimulant nootropic drug, which means it should be and can be cycled off and on with almost no serious effects.

Short-Term Use

Short-term use is what this drug was in-fact intended for. The drug should be cycled on and off, and breaks should be taken from the drug to avoid tolerance and/or addiction. When taken sparingly and at normal dosages, no serious ill effects should arise.

Legal Status

It is unscheduled in the US and worldwide and as this is legal to purchase over the web.

Online Reviews

Reviews on Hydrafinil are almost always positive, and typically say things like “gave me more energy” “helped keep me awake” and “allowed me to work way faster!”

Final Thoughts

The best Hydrafinil dosage is the one that benefits the user the most, and this is typically in the range of 50-80 milligrams per serving.

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