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I recently got an email from a man in need who goes by the name of Justin (I won’t reveal the last name for the sake of anonymity), who is currently undergoing an issue that I can thoroughly empathize with. If you haven’t heard my story, or haven’t read the about us page yet, you may not be aware that I started this nootropics supplement company as a way to help others overcome Adderall use and abuse as a quick to get ahead in their job, work longer hours, and ultimately find a “quick fix” to their fatigue problems. I myself, used to abuse Adderall heavily for nearly a year before I realized the toll it was taking on my body, my mind, my emotions, family life, spirituality, etc. you name it, Adderall was always involved, and unfortunately was always there to make the situation worse. You can also check out my memoir titled “Confessions of an AP Student” coming in hardcover 2015, for how I overcame addiction against all odds, and went from a naive high school student, to a well informed and experienced user.

So without further ado, when I read this email, my heart was flooded with emotions of sorrow and empathy, his email stated that he was a med student in college, and while he realized that Adderall was affecting his life, his social skills, his mental prowess and his physical health, his tolerance had gotten to such a degree that he couldn’t function at the bare minimum without it, let alone continue to do hefty research projects like he needed to. Within a months time however, Justin is now clean and sober, and uses nothing to help stimulate him with his research but a few  nootropics from our nootropics store, and the occasional strong cup of Joe.

Worried and as empathetic as possible for this young man, having been in his exact shoes less than just a short two years ago, I gave him my not so secret remedy for exactly how to detox from Adderall fast, without failing out of school or letting his entire life fall apart in the process. Now normally I would recommend nothing but my nootropic detox formula and would advise those as heavily addicted as myself or Justin was to attempt to quit cold turkey. HOWEVER…if you have research or are in graduate school and have hard tests approaching that you have to do well on, this is simply not an option, there is however another way entirely to do this…and as a matter of fact, there is two!

1. The first thing I instructed Justin to do was rather than quit cold turkey, to taper off of Adderall as expeditiously as he possibly could while still remaining functional enough to do his research. The second method I told him that he could also do, is to quit the Adderall completely, and get on a methylphenidate, or Ritalin-type, medication. When you switch from an amphetamine like Adderall, to a different molecule like Ritalin, the brain responds with greater clarity of thought and dopamine levels, while still helping you to restore your receptors and lower your Adderall tolerance. Justin chose to instead taper his Adderall usage as quickly and dilligently as he possibly could, and used my nootropic detox formula to speed up the brain restoration process, the same way I did when I found no other choice but to find an alternative method to speed up the utterly debilitating withdrawal process. Atop this, once his brain was significantly recovered, I instructed him that he could use Adrafanil or Modafinil as a study aid to help him further cope with the detox process, yet get research and studying done at the same time.

2. As Justin tapered his use of Adderall, he used a combination of L-Tyrosine, glutamine, creatine, galantamine, ALCAR, Phenylalanine, piracetam, and CDP Choline to help replenish his brains receptors at the same time he got studying done, replacing his lowered Adderall dosage with an Adrafanil on whatever days he felt his immune system and brain were strong enough that he could. After three weeks, Justin was able to quit the Adderall entirely and switch to Adrafanil for a week, later getting off the Adrafanil and the detox pill and emerging from the cycle a new man! I later turned Justin on to a much wider array of nootropics, instructing him that he could use things like Phenylpiracetam, Noopept and Sunifiram as a much safer Adderall alternative whenever he felt he needed a boost to stimulate his reserach and/or as a daily study aid! Justin is now happy and healthy and has been sober from any type of ADHD psychostimulant for several months.

Why the detox formula works: Several of the major compunds in the formula ie: Tyrosine, glutamine, Phenylalanine, and Creatine, are amino acids that help to replenish the body and brain’s neurotransmitter store’s, namely norepinephrine and Dopamine, the exact chemicals that Adderall burns out and the same transmitters that create the euphoria and godlike “I can conquer the world right now” feeling that amphetamines have been known to produce. The rest of the compound is made up of nootropics that help to restore the brains memory capacity, concentration, clarity of thought, and to induce greater messaging between the two hemispheres of the brain (left and right brain.) This ultimately helped Justin, as well as myself, to be able to study during the withdrawal, and to have the clarity of thought and mental concentration afterwards to completely get off the Adderall, without having to throw our lives away in the process..unfortunately for me however, I didn’t discover nootropics and successfuly create this formula until months into my PAWS, meaning I was bed ridden for months before finding the miracle cure I had been so diligently lusting after.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried nootropics yet, are skeptical as to if they will work or not, would like to learn how to effectively use them for health, better living, and stronger mental acuity, or if you’re afraid nootropics are a “drug and should not be tampered with” I encourage you to read further into them through the article’s published on my website. I use layman’s terms and mainly my own personal, as well as business colleague’s experiences to portray to the general public, in plain english, exactly what these nootropic supplements do to the brain, and of how you can incorporate them into your everyday life to help you make the most out of your time and your brainpower!

Don’t forget to check out our nootropics store and find a nootropic that works for you!

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