Is Adderall Addictive?

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Is Adderall addictive?

Adderall is a smart drug and is one of the most frequently prescribed schedule II drugs for the treatment of attention deficit disorder, and more specifically for ADHD, whether in children or in adults. It is a mixture of Amphetamine and dextro-amphetamine. Adderall is known to be a reliable remedy, as mentioned above for ADHD and there would be millions of people who would swear by this nootropic solution as having brought them or their children back from the brink of disaster, helping to cure the symptoms of their ADHD. Symptoms such as lack of attention span, inability to focus and concentrate on studies, loss of memory, being unable to retain in memory what one has studied; all these symptoms respond very positively and effectively to Adderall. Now some people might have the doubt: Is Adderall Addictive? To answer this question, let us delve a little more in detail on Adderall and its benefits and other factors.


The smart drug comes in tablet form and also in capsules as an extended release version. The tablets come within the range of 5 mg to 30 mg, each colored differently to help avoid wrong consumption. The age and the severity of the disorder will determine the exact dosage, but it is usually 2 to 3 times daily for the tablet, and the extended release capsules are taken once a day.


It is common knowledge that any drug has to be taken only as advised by the doctor or the professional expert who is experienced in treating a large number of patients earlier with similar disorders. When it comes to such critical medication like Adderall, which straightaway has a direct impact upon the functioning of the human brain, there is no way any individual can take the risk of consuming any drug without consulting with and without obtaining a written prescription for the particular drug. In fact, many times the doctor could actually be advising a combination of drugs to have a better effect and faster treatment of the symptoms. All this is possible only by such experts.

As far as children are concerned, also, the dosage, strength of the tablet to be advised, will all be matters to be considered. This will mean, not only the initial prescription of the drug(s), but a careful supervision is also recommended  during the period the drug is administered to the child, if genuinely diagnosed with ADHD. There are very few, if any, serious side effects of Adderall. It could also be due to an overdose beyond the prescribed limit or lack of monitoring by a professional expert.

One must also be clear that if a person does not suffer from ADHD, but out of over enthusiasm or imagined deficiency or just to improve on learning skills, he or she starts consuming Adderall without any medical advice or supervision whatsoever. However, they should blame themselves for the consequences. If one looks at any drug with this perspective, even an Aspirin or Ibuprofen, if consumed recklessly could lead to a habit forming and would cause difficulties when withdrawn. So as long as one takes all these precautions, Adderall cannot become addictive.

For off-label use however…

When regular college students take and abuse this medication on the regular to go out all night and party, pop an Adderall the next day to study for their test, and then taken another in order to take the test…..well…….you can see how this becomes an extremely dangerous cycle. This can get very addictive, can bring about some pretty dire withdrawal symptoms, and can result in palipitations, rapid weight loss, dehydration, a run down immune system, etc.

Better Alternatives

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Final Thoughts

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  1. Valerie Green
    Valerie Green
    , 2016-12-30

    I am a 35 year old mother of four who was diagnosed with inattentive add four years ago. I was on 60mg of Adderall instant release for 3 years (gradually increased from 10mg to start with when first diagnosed) and the limit was reduced from 60to40mg about six months ago. It’s difficult to explain to a non add medical professional that your body cannot just transition happily from 60 to 40 mg with no negative effects. Therefore I am wanting to supplement the deficit in Adderall with something else, whatever is similar in its ability to increase my focus for the extreme task of parenting four kids, managing a household, bills, medical appointments, etc etc the way the 60mg of Adderall did. Please advise me on what you recommend and starting doses, etc. I’m a moderately active 150 pound woman. I was 135 when on 60mg of Adderall. Yep….help! Lol thanks


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