Kraken Kratom is one of the newer vendors on the nootropic scene. And with their irresistible web design and bargain basement prices, they are making a splash among consumers hot to get their hands on some premium kratom powder.

For those few of you noot nuts who have been living under a rock, kratom is a supercharged speciosa plant in the coffee family that unlocks powerful mind-expanding effects. It has long been used as a folk drug for its stimulant-like qualities and is regularly implemented as an alternative to prescription sedatives when treating serious pain conditions and gastrointestinal turmoil.

In August of 2016, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) published a notice of intent to temporarily place the main constituents of kratom into Schedule I pursuant to the temporary scheduling provisions of the Controlled Substances Act.

The heat was on and thanks to you, the public, and the effort you made to put the screws to these clowns, the DEA has now caved to the court of public opinion and have withdrawn their notice until the time that the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) can perform a scientific and medical evaluation, and scheduling recommendation for kratom’s constituents. The DEA is also continuing to consider information regarding the drug before taking further action.

So the fight is ongoing and nootropic vendors are getting skittish. Many sites no longer off kratom in any form, but I’m happy to report that Kraken Kratom has got you covered, in more ways than one. When visiting their home page, the first thing that greets you after their awesome green and black logo is a statement which reads, “A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR BUSINESS GOES DIRECTLY TO THE FIGHT TO SAVE KRATOM!”

This is just one of the ways Kraken Kratom has distinguished themselves from their competitors. The other is in quality which is really all that should matter to most consumers. Anyone can hire a top-shelf web designer or make claims about proceeds going to a good cause, but the proof is in the pudding or, in this case, the proof is in the powder, and they’ve got some of the greatest kratom powder out there.

Kraken Kratom’s kratom powder comes in a variety that includes Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Thai, Red Vein Thai, and Super Indo. These are smooth, lightly aromatic powders with the exception of Maeng Da Thai which is dryer and leafier.

Bali Kratom comes to you straight outta Indonesia. It’s got a light color and a mild aroma in small doses. It is also one of the more cost-productive powders in the bunch at just $8.45 for 28 grams.

Other variations include Super Green Powder and Super Green Malaysian Kratom Leaf as well as Red Dragon from Southeast Asia, a powder that is grown in conditions that result in a strain with a superior alkaloid content. Out of 201 reviews, Red Dragon scored itself a respectable 4 out of 5-star rating.

Kraken Kratom doesn’t just specialize in kratom powder, they also offer kratom supplements in capsule form and what some have called their piece de resistance—a line of potent extracts and enhanced kratom powders.

Think of it as the difference between buying a bag of dope from some dude in the ghetto as opposed to buying a balloon off some Cali hot shot’s stepson. If you want something that packs a real punch, you come here. Enhancements include Gold Reserve Kratom Extract which sells for $34.49 (currently out of stock at the time of this writing) and Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Powder which sells for $49.99!

Is it worth it? You be the judge. But I can tell you these are high voltage powders, of that much I am sure.

Their Full Spectrum Kratom Extract sells for $54.99 and is formulated from Maeng da and Bali leaf. I can’t speak for its efficacy as I have not tried it, but if it’s anything like their other stuff, it’s probably worth every penny.


The people have spoken and what they have to say is overwhelmingly positive. Users on Blue Light have called Kraken Kratom “pretty awesome” while a Reddit user said, “I love them. The quality is superb, it’s quite a bit stronger than mmm [MMMbotanicals] in my experience, and the free shipping is awesome…I’ve liked everything I’ve gotten from them.”

Others on the s/Reddit weren’t nearly as enthusiastic. One Redditor complained of their lack of good customer service, reporting that he spent a total of $250 with them and they didn’t answer his questions. Another Reddit user echoed this sentiment, saying, “Kraken Kratom does not have good customer service. At all. They reply quickly, and they say ‘sorry for the bad experience,’ but that isn’t good customer service.

“Good customer service is actually making good for the bad purchase. Which they don’t actually do.”

Still, for every bad customer service experience customers have reported, there is a wealth of repeat consumers who have given Kraken Kratom a firm reputation as purveyors of pure kratom powder and more.

The thing that seems to impress people the most is their prices and their discounts. Kraken Kratom regularly offers coupon codes for orders. Coupons can be found here. When you sign up for their mailing list, you are automatically awarded a discount.

All in all, Kraken Kratom stacks up to the max, providing a quality product to a discerning public. Use kratom with care and never get out of control with it. While kratom can be used in the treatment of opiate addictions, it can also have the potential to become an addictive substance after prolonged use.


The average recommended dose for kratom powder is 1 ½ tsp.  Be safe, be smart and emancipate your mind.

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