Kushy Punch Experience

Kushy Punch is billed as a super potent gummy formula and boy, let me tell you, it sure freakin’ is! The gummy squares which come four in a tiny silver, pink and blue box (a box you will quickly fall in love with) are available in California pot dispensaries. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the chill factor here.

I’ll remind our readers right now that this is a product that is meant for medical use only…


…no, seriously, yo, seriously!

…you serious?

…okay, we’re serious.

Now, upward and onward, shall we? So Kushy Punch considered a tropical punch flavored hybrid. I’m not sure what that means because I’m not a botanist, but I do know this much: This stuff will rock your world!

My girl and I hadn’t smoked weed in nearly three years; the last time she smoked, she sunk into a state of confusion and catatonia while the last time I smoked I suffered from heart palpitations and thought my hair was on fire. Needless to say, it had been a long time since we’d reaped any of the benefits of marijuana, rather we had only been struck by the adverse effects that tend to occur in older marijuana users when they do no titrate properly or smoke substandard or dusted leaf matter.

I had sworn off smoking a long time ago, which is why it was a real boon when a friend recommended this smoke-free alternative. I will point out one thing right now that seems notable—as I write this, the box belonging to Kushy Punch sits on the side of my laptop, approximately where a mouse pad would rest in the bad old days of desktop computers, and when I just lifted it for a second I discovered an oil slick on my computer! That is how strong this stuff is that the THC oil saturated my gear!

Each package of Kushy Punch contains 100 mg of THC on the whole, but that’s not what you eat, at least not all at once. Unless you’re Matthew McConaughey or something in which case good on your, brother. All right, all right, all right!

No, each sleeve of gummies is divided up as such: One 25 mg square is divided into four segments of 6.25 mg. This is a beginner’s recommended dose. Take one 6.25 mg cube of a 25 mg square and see where it takes you. A threshold dose is between 6.25 and 12 mg. Another of the squares is divided into 12.5 mg segments (2). Finally, at the other end of the spectrum, there are two 25 mg squares (not divided) which are no doubt meant for the seasoned user or for those suffering from cancer and the like.

My friend had recommended that we each take 12.5 mg each. A quarter of a quarter. We were so nervous going into it that we actually took a little less than this. We had been warned, both by my buddy and the packaging instructions, that activation time for Punchy Kush takes about an hour. So we sat back, settled in and watched the sort of skullf**k that no one should endure while consuming edibles—the US Presidential Inauguration! The cool part was this: Because we weren’t expecting it to kick in for an hour, we turned our minds off and just watched the TV without focusing on the internal. As a result, we began to be aware of warm tingles in our faces in under forty-five minutes.

The warm tingles were succeeded by the warmth in our chests and a general awareness of our bodies. Soon, we were both talking about our breathing and our lungs which, of course, sounds weird and resulted in our first bout of fitful laughter. This would occur again and again intermittently as the night wore on.

Never the ones to be responsible (responsible like you fine people should be), we started pounding cheap beer as we chuckled our way through the inauguration and into half a season of Switched at Birth (Hey, don’t judge me! ABC family shows about deaf girls and rich kids is just what the doctor ordered when you’re stoned).

Our subsequent experiences as the night wore on included the sort of symptoms synonymous not so much with casual weed smoking but with acid (Lysergic Acid Diamide or LSD). Our sensations were tactile and strange; we were extremely sensitive to touching both ourselves and each other and color became heightened and vibrant.

The best part was the lack of paranoia or self-consciousness. All too often in our former pot-smoking career, we had both been hypercritical of our voices and faces when stoned. With Kushy Punch, all the stress and weirdness went away and we were free to enjoy the experience and enjoy each other.

After about two and a half hours of chain-smoking cigarettes and laughing our heads off later, we decided the punch may be wearing off so we decided to dose again, this time using just over 6.5 each. The results were incredible; unlike traditional pot smoking where you continue to smoke joint after joint or blunt after blunt to little effect, the efficacy of our second Kushy Punch dose was every bit as great as the first.

This continued on for some time with us ultimately dosing a third time. The craziest part about Kushy Punch and one that mimics my own experiences with LSD is its ability to neutralize the effects of alcohol consumption. We were each accustomed to drinking six to twelve beers socially. Excessive, one might say and I wouldn’t argue. But not that night! On Kushy Punch, we put away eighteen beers apiece and weren’t even impaired!

Note: I am NOT encouraging anyone to drink excessively while using Kushy Punch. I am simply reporting my own experience.

The night ended with one final dose of about 8 mg apiece. We were both as happy as a fat kid in a candy store. The only downside to Kushy Punch seems to be its nullifying effect on memory and its ability to induce a lack of getting up and go. To wit: The following morning, we struggled for more than an hour to wrest ourselves from sleep. When we finally did, neither of us could recall more than 25-30% of our conversations from the night before.

So there you have it, if you are seeking a marijuana supplement for medical use and are eligible to purchase the same, Kushy Punch is the place to be!

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