L-Theanine for Adderall Comedown and Withdrawal

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L-Theanine for Adderall Comedown Crashes…..

If you’ve taken Adderall before, you know that miserable doesn’t even begin to describe the hellish comedown. There are many supplements that are able to help combat the comedown and withdrawal symptoms, and they come by way of achieving adequate sleep so that your brains receptors can properly heal.

More about Adderall

The absolute best supplement for the morning, afternoon, and night after your Adderall crash is L-Theanine, it helps to produce GABA in the brain leading to greater recovery, slight drowsiness, alleviation of the symptoms of anxiety and depression that often times come with an Adderall crash, and finally, greater REM sleep. L-Theanine is sure to knock you out like a light, and with a dosage of just 300 milligrams (one pill), you will find yourself drowsy, ready to sleep, and in the greatest recovery and tired bliss of your Adderall crashing days. L-Theanine is a breakthrough supplement that can easily help to rid you of many of your past faults, such as depression, withdrawal, anxiety, and the horrid twitching effects of stimulants (L-Theanine is great for “taking the edge off” of both Adderall and Caffeine, it also will add to your clarity of thought and overall mood uplift!)

L-Theanine helps block and limit the neurochemicals in your brain which cause stress and anxiety, and does so by releasing the neurotransmitter GABA (same neurotransmitter released by alcohol and anxioytics, just in a different manner and to a FAR lesser degree). L-Theanine is commonly found in most teas and is one of the safest smart drugs in existence. If you’ve been binging on Adderall, psychostimulants, caffeine, or Ampakine nootropics (of which the comedown can sometimes be harsh for a day) Theanine is a great neuroprotective supplement that will help get you back on your feet in the fastest, painless way possible! L-Theanine also blocks glutamic activity by binding to the glutamic receptors in the brain (an excitatory neurotransmitter) lessening their pull and direct influence on the brain and causing you to feel more relaxed overall. So get your hands on some L-Theanine and start recovering!

Final Thoughts

L-Theanine is best when stacked with stimulants, or when recovering from stimulant comedowns/harsh nootropic binges. This is one of the safest supplements currently in existence, and you can take dosages up to three times that of recommended (up to 900 milligrams) or more, without any side effects whatsoever, except for some drowsiness. Stack with stimulants and use it to recover, good luck!

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