L-Theanine Nootropic Supplements

What Is the L-Theanine Nootropic?

L-Theanine is a non-essential amino acid that is not common in the average diet. This amino acid is similar in structure to Glutamine. This amino acid affects the brain in positive ways, depending upon the dosage and the conditions needing to be treated. Considered a relaxing agent, this amino acid can be used to improve a person’s stress levels without causing them to go to sleep. Many have also used this amino acid to improve their alertness. When coupled with caffeine, L-Theanine helps to bridge the action of caffeine for increased attention and cognition. L-Theanine nootropic benefits include, better REM sleep, diminished anxiety, and lowered tolerance to stimulants.

L-Theanine Nootropic Benefits

  • This drug increases a person’s relaxation levels without causing them to be sedated. For most people, this occurs within thirty minutes to an hour after it has been taken. Some people may feel slightly sleepy when they first begin taking the drug so it is important one does not operate heavy machinery or drive until they have learned how they will react.
  • Some people have found their anxiety levels are reduced when they take this drug. Not everyone is able to notice an improvement in their anxiety.
  • Those who have trouble staying asleep due to ADHD can find improved sleep. Although a person’s sleep is improved, the duration of their sleep is not increased.
  • At high doses (around 400 mg), this drug has been found to offer benefits in helping those with Schizophrenia.
  • This drug also helps to increase attention span and concentration in some people. It also allows people to experience a greater overall level of well-being.

Recommended Dosage of the L-Theanine Nootropic

The recommended dosage for L-Theanine is 300 mg a day. One should start at this level and work themselves up to a higher level, should it be needed. The maximum recommended dose is 300 mg. It is important to start at the lowest dose and then add 300 mg at a time and monitor any changes in side-effects to ensure there are no unwanted adverse reactions. L-Theanine nootropic benefits are able to manifest themselves fully when a proper dosage is consumed with relation to one’s height, weight, tolerance and experience with nootropics.

Side-Effects of L-Theanine

Since L-Theanine is a natural substance that is derived from green tea, most people do not have any major adverse reactions. The main side-effect people may experience is a slight upset stomach or increased sleepiness. These typically subside as a person grows accustomed to taking the drug over time. When the dosage is increased slowly, one should not experience problems with unwanted side-effects.

Long-Term Use of L-Theanine Nootropic Benefits

This drug can be taken on a long-term basis without causing any lasting side-effects. Unfortunately, the drug does wear off after a period of time. Once the drug wears off, it will not continue to offer the feelings of relaxation and calmness so a person will need to regularly take the medication to get continued results. At this time, there are no issues with taking L-Theanine on a long-term basis.

Short-Term Use of L-Theanine Nootropic Benefits

Taking this drug in the short-term can be just as beneficial as in the long-term. The short-term effects of this drug are increased calmness, less stress, and decreased anxiety. There is also a short-term effect of increased concentration and energy. While some people notice short-term side-effects when they first begin taking the drug, these rarely last and only cause mild symptoms such as sleepiness.


This amino acid has been carefully researched for many years. For thousands of years, people have consumed green tea because of the benefits L-Theanine produces. Particularly, research has been carried out on people combining caffeine with L-Theanine. These two work perfectly together to help people improve their mood by calming their stress levels and preventing them from feeling overwhelmingly anxious. In a research study published in The Journal of Nutrition, L-Theanine has been found to be beneficial in improving the brain state. In this study, participants took 100 mg of the drug and saw increased attention span. This was increased when the drug was combined with natural caffeine. L-Theanine nootropic benefits, when taken with caffeine, are very substantial, and as a whole help to

Legal Status

This drug is completely legal to take. This medication comes from the green tea plant. This medication is allowed to be purchased and consumed in all fifty states. It can be legally purchased online and in brick and mortar retail stores.

Online Reviews of L-Theanine Nootropic Benefits

L-Theanine is considered a staple for most people who are attempting to boost their brain function. Those who take this drug are able to notice increased relaxation within a few minutes of taking the drug. In reading reviews, it is clear to see most people do not experience feeling overly sleepy though some take L-Theanine when they go to bed at night so they will be able to relax more easily. People report feeling increased energy and a boost of concentration which can be beneficial in helping a person at school and work.

Final Thoughts

Those who are dealing with increased anxiety and find it difficult to relax can benefit from taking L-Theanine. This natural medication rarely causes any major side-effects and allows people to begin experiencing calming action within thirty minutes. Most people take the medication to help them be able to relax and experience a deeper level of calm. Unlike some unnatural drugs, L-Theanine does not cause any major adverse reactions and is not habit-forming. Since the results are short-lived, it behooves a person to continue taking the drug to ensure they are able to maintain the same high level of results.

Most people do not have any problems taking L-Theanine and they like that it works quickly so they can take it when they are feeling anxious and need to feel calmer. Even though this drug is made from green tea leaves, studies have shown people do not get as much benefit from drinking green tea alone. Taking L-Theanine in drug form produces much better results that are faster in offering benefits and are longer-lasting. This is one of the safest natural drugs people can take to calm their mood and increase their attention span. Those who are dealing with anxiety levels that do not require true medical intervention will find this drug to be beneficial for making them feel more in control.

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