Limitless NZT

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Limitless NZT

Limitless” the movie, made in 2011, will soon be making waves as a TV series

adaptation in the coming months. Like many people who soon became interested in nootropics, Limitless was one of the main URL’s and youtube interests that led me towards researching nootropics (starting with piracetam and eventually working my way up) further, and even in trying nootropics. Though Limitless was a grossly exaggerated film, and that many people were turned off of the nootropic market as a “scam” due to its extreme exaggeration of the drug depicted, the movie overall has skyrocketed the nootropic market, helping it to achieve the leaps and bounds in marketing and publicity that it so deserves. Limitless NZT

A TV adaptation of the movie however, could lead to drastically differing, and much more extreme results (based on its hopeful popularity) then even the movie could offer. Imagine weekly specials of Limitless the TV series, showing president’s, congressman, finance guru’s, and eventually citizen’s in poverty getting their hands on NZT and rising to extreme heights of power….the market and interest for nootropics would explode!

So without further ado, here’s my seven things I think will happen in the show, and how each one will specifically boost the nootropic markets popularity.

1. The plot will stray away from Eddie Morra and will likely start in Congress, where the movie left off at

At the very ending of Limitless, Eddie Morra is off the drug, is running for his second term in the senate, and is likely headed for the Presidency. The series will likely start out in the Senate, with Eddie (played again by Cooper) noticing that more Congressman and Senators are getting their hands on this drug. It will likely demonstrate what Eddie is trying to do with his power (both mental and political) and will have him either convincing Congressman to get off of it, or giving them the way to taper off of it.

More about Nootropics

What it will do: Exaggerate the effects of nootropics and allow an audience that found the Limitless theory interesting to research them further, hopefully sparking their interest enough that they will purchase these miraculous compounds!

2. Eddie will be President and will have to play the superhero role, causing him to have to expose the drug

Eddie may eventually have to make a statement to the public warning them about the use of the drug and of why not to take it, as well as of why to avoid those that are on it. This could be a stray from the original message of the episode, which is that  smart drugs are the new “how to” of the future. It will also add conflict, plot and structure to the show, making it seem extremely interesting, and serving  as a hyperbole to the extreme effects of the drug.

The Reason: The rebuttal needs to be supported to at least some extent, and this side of the story will bring in the “drugs are bad” type motto, also demonstrating the writer’s total and central message, that our brains are capable of amazing things, with and without enhancements from a lab;)

3. People will start dying left and right as a result of the drug’s use

The plot will continue with the same withdrawal effects as present in the movie, and soon powerful people will start to die, exposing the drug to the general public.

Reason: Demonstrate why drugs are bad to younger children

4. There will be tons of sex, drugs, partying and money

It needs to have some form of great entertainment, and if you had the limitless pill wouldn’t you do this too?!?

Reason: Entertainment

5. The stock market will be in an extremely bullish state, and finance guru’s will attack those in politics (similar to how Van Loon did it in the movie.) 

This one could be exaggerated, but in the movie, Eddie soon went into high finance before seeking power. The limitless TV series would likely show the poor that obtain the drug soon going into stocks and finance in order to acquire wealth, and the rich that obtain the drug soon moving into congress, the senate, and even the executive branches of the white house.

Reason: Demonstrates how power is obtained, highlights why nootropics will soon be mainstream

6. Eddie will have a stock pile of the drug, and will use it to taper people in power off of it

Possibly being overly optimistic here, but if the writers of the series want Eddie to maintain his omnipotent type figure present throughout the story, it will show him being good, and leading him to taper people in power off of the drug, saving their lives and making more super human beings akin to himself.

Reason: Demonstrate how medical science has improved to extreme degrees, and telling the subtle tale that nootropics can now be used to cure and get your brain back to normal from almost ANY drug addiction. (ie: Adderall detox kits, piracetam, choline, noopept, tyrosine, etc.)

7. The TV series will eventually end in a “not all drugs are bad if you can get off of them and they make you smarter” type of motto, just like in the first one. 

The movie ended with Eddie eventually getting off the drug (he was so smart he figured out how to re-engineer it), and then using his sober minded, normal self to promote the good of humanity. The show may or may not end in such a lovey manner, but it’s sure fun to speculate!

Reason: Ending to the show, demonstrate how rapidly nootropics are improving-theory that if you are “smarter” than everyone, you could essentially do anything you wanted to.

Final Thoughts

What do you think a Limitless TV series might entail as far as plot, and for the popularity of the nootropics community? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts and together we can figure out what this possibly amazing show could contain! Get the real life NZT, Noopept, in our store today.

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