A Review Of The Recommended Dosage For Using Memotropil

What is Memotropil?

Memotropil is a brand name of Piracetam in Europe. It is extremely popular, and is 100% Legal to take. It is a “nootropic” and a “Smart Drug” and is one of the best brain-boosting nootropics currently on the market. The drug was originally developed in the early 1960s, as “Piracetam” by UCB, a Belgian pharmaceutical company. Their efforts were to use the nootropic as a motion sickness reliever. They wanted to use the drug to help fighter pilots in the military. Car and flight sickness were also hopeful uses. To create the new drug, they modified a common compound, the structure of 2-pyrrolidinone, and changed it into an amine compound.


Memotropil is used by any and all ages (though we recommend above 18 usually) and as a nootropic supplement, has some pretty miraculous effects with regards to overall brain function. It is typically used by college students, businessmen, Wall-Street Bankers, and other high-pressure jobs.


The discovery took around four years, and the discovery was so remarkable that nearly 1000 academic article were published on the drug, deemed “Piracetam.” The benefits of Memotropil included:

  • Increased memory, mood, focus, and overall brain function
  • Lessened need for sleep
  • Learning came much easier to the user
  • A slight euphoria
  • Visual acuity increased significantly

Memotropil has been used ever since and has grown increasingly in popularity due to the popular movie, and now TV series, ‘Limitless’.


Memotropil is non-toxic to humans and does not have a lethal dose. Typical dosages of Memotropil range from 8-2400 mg taken one to three times daily (called a megadose). The toxicity of Memotropil is extremely low, and the drug has never had an overdose in the entirety of its existence. Megadoses are common and plentiful, and while more choline may need to be consumed in order to avoid side effects, high doses are non-toxic. A “nootropic” is one that must be able to improve the user’s cognitive prowess without excess side effects (otherwise drugs like Adderall and Cocaine would be in the same category as Piracetam.) Memotropil was the first drug of its class found that did such an effect. Memotropil was crowned as the first legitimate nootropic drug ever created.

Side Effects

Side effects of Memotropil were extremely mild, and almost none manifested themselves in users but one, the dreaded “racetam-headache.” This phenomenon is common in users of the drug because the drug acts on the acetylcholine receptors of the brain (most former “nootropics” Memotropil was the first drug that was non-addictive, and that acted on the brains acetylcholine receptors. Acetylcholine, while a potent and non-addictive way of getting a nootropic effect, is, in fact, a powerful neurotransmitter, and gets depleted just like anything else. If enough choline is not supplemented in order to balance out how fast the neurotransmitter is being depleted. When choline is taken, however, not only is the Memotropil a lot stronger, but also is there no headache, and no side effects to the drug.

Long-Term Use

Long-term use of the drug is the recommended route. Memotropil (Piracetam) should be taken one to three times daily for a period of over 9-12 weeks. Memotropil displays cumulative effects, meaning that the effects of the drug get stronger the longer the drug is taken. When taken atop of choline, the effects of the drug get even stronger.  Memotropil is a true, long-term nootropic drug, and should be treated as such by users who take it. In some, on popular forums, people are so-called “non-respondents” to the drug until it has been taken for around three weeks continuously. In 99% of customer and user reviews in the realm of nootropics however, Memotropil is effective in less than an hour after ingesting the user’s first pill.

Short-Term Use

Short-term use of the drug, while not what the drug was intended for, is where the use of the drug gets slightly more interesting. Memotropil, when used in the short-term, is commonly, “mega-dosed” and taken in excessive dosages. While this can be somewhat dangerous if done by an inexperienced user, in those who know what they’re doing (while still not recommended) it is entirely fine. Memotropil is such a great drug because the nootropic can be taken in excessive dosages with no risk of overdose. There is no withdrawal of Memotropil, unless you take a megadose like every single day or something, and if you take plenty of CDP or Alpha GPC choline with the drug, you’ll be A-okay no matter how much of the Racetam you take!

How to Take

Take Memotropil with food, typically three times per day…once with each meal. Memotropil, if taken in this way, will build up in your system, and will have a greater, more powerful effect overall than if it had been simply taken in one big dose, or on an inconsistent basis. Consistency is key with Memotropil, so be sure you constantly take a low to moderate dose every day, over several weeks or months.

Legal Status

Memotropil is a 100% legal nootropic drug worldwide. While it is not available at common retail stores like GNC, Walmart, or Amazon, you can purchase Memotropil online legally, and easily. Memotropil is in the same category legally as purchasing herbal supplements, fish-oil, or anti-oxidants.

In Canada

Memotropil is also entirely legal in Canada. Memotropil’s typically locations in which the drug is purchased are Russia, the United States, Canada, the UK, India, and China.

Purchasing And Pricing For Memotropil

You can buy Memotropil right here off of our website. While the title may not say Memotropil, it says Piracetam, which is the exact same drug! Memotropil is one of the most cost-effective, effective in terms of mental energy, and effective in terms of long-term use when compared to other drugs of the same class.

Memotropil on our website has prices ranging from $9.99 all the way through around forty dollars if you purchase the drug in bulk. The higher the bulk of our capsules you purchase, the cheaper the drug will be on a per capsule basis.

Final Thoughts

Memotropil may just be the best nootropic for long-term, everyday use. Research in mice shows that the drug can improve nearly all facets of cognitive performance, with very few overall side effects. So get your hands on some Memotropil and start living your life with more clarity!

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