Modafinil vs Adderall for Long-Term Use

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Modafinil vs Adderall, with regards to potency, is a highly debated subject that gives radically different answers for each user. Modafinil is an up and coming smart drug with a wide array of potent benefits on the users focus, memory, energy levels, and overall cognition. Looking for a synopsis of what you’ll actually feel if you take a Modafinil? This article will describe my personal experiences once I took the drug, how it affected my mood, memory, focus and overall productivity, and will give a layman’s perspective as to what one can expect given specific dosages, stacks, and comparisons to ADHD psychostimulant medications.


Adderall vs Modafinil

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So, a little personal experience from me to get this blog post kicked off, I’m going to talk about my first experiences with each of these drugs side by side, thoroughly compare the two, and then talk about how tolerance and side effects developed down the road. This should help give you the truth behind each of these drugs, and will allow you to pace yourself should you decide to take either of them (however I’d still recommend Adrafinil, its legal, exactly the same

as Modafinil, and a far better Adderall Alternative.)

The first time I took an Adderall, all I can say is, I have no idea why this is legal, let alone why they give this to 4, 5 and 6 year old kids on a grossly regular basis. I took a 7.5mg Instant Release Tablet for my first time, for my SAT’s in high school (wasn’t prescribed, got it from my classmate at the time-terrible I know….). Within half an hour it was like a lightbulb turned on in my brain, I was able to focus non-stop, my vision turned a golden sepia color, and I felt incredibly euphoric. I also had more creativity, focus and power than I usually had while working, it was like the pace I was setting was significantly higher compared to my normal self. I definitely can tell why this is a Schedule II Prescription drug. Only downside, the crash was horrific, and after I took it on a regular basis for a little while, the withdrawal was something straight out of hell-definitely not what I was expecting from something nearly all college kids’ use during finals time.

As for Modafinil….

Now Modafinil was good, great even, I loved it, very smooth, little side effects, but no crazy manic, euphoria “I’m king of the world” feeling like you get while taking Adderall. This was good and bad, while Modafinil won’t necessarily get you to start a project, like Adderall would (this is kinda good also, with Modafinil you won’t abandon your homework to do something ridiculous like start a massive nootropics website blog…………like a um…friend of mine) however, once you get started actually doing the work-you’re golden. It’s just like being on Adderall, so when you take Modafinil, make sure you’re in the midst of working BEFORE it kicks in, I cannot stress this enough. Overall I give Adderall a 5 star review for focus, Modafinil 4.5 stars.

For side effects and crash, I give Adderall 1 star-the withdrawal was something straight out of celebrity rehab. And I give Modafinil 4 stars, only problem is you have to drink water often, other than that, not much in the way of side effects for Modafinil. Did I mention I give Adrafinil 5 stars (and not just because I sell it;) But because its legal! Modafinil is a schedule IV prescription drug, Adderall is a Schedule II controlled substance, Adrafinil is completely legal and is basically pure Modafinil, plus you get it in 3 days shipping rather than 21 from online pharmacies-but don’t let my rant stop you, try it and see for yourself, this blog post has three places you can add it to your cart straight from the content on purpose.

Modafinil vs other Psychostimulants

Modafinil in comparison to other Psychostimulants is very similar in how it compares to Adderall; however, it is actually significantly stronger than some of the other nasty stuff out there that doctors push on their patients. Let’s check out the rundown of it:


Ritalin- If I had to compare Ritalin to Modafinil, it’s almost identical to Adderall, Ritalin is way stronger, gives a euphoric rush, but also is very addictive and has a bad crash. Modafinil gets my recommendation in this instance only because there’s little in the way of side effects.

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Also, Modafinil, for a day’s work and for long-term productivity is much more efficient and longer lasting. Modafinil lasts somewhere around 10-14 hours for a 100 to 200 milligram tablet, depending on your level of tolerance. Ritalin’s standard dosage only lasts 2-3 hours! You’d have to re-dose 6 times throughout the day to get the same effect as one Modafinil pill. Take Modafinil if not in the least to avoid the inconvenience.

Dexedrine– For this one I’ve gotta go with Dexedrine (if you’re looking for a short term high and an even worse crash than Adderall…….). Dexedrine is one of the only drugs out there that’s actually stronger than Adderall, and for getting insane amounts of work done for days on end, Dexedrine might be just the thing you’re looking for. Dexedrine however, is hardly sustainable, you won’t have an appetite, when you get off of it your depression will be worse than you’ve ever thought possible (it’s not a usual depression, it’s like someone sucked the life right out of you) and you’ll be dehydrated all day. Atop this Dexedrine has the tendency to invoke extreme Mania, meaning, like Adderall, if you get distracted, you can do something entirely outrageous like spend all night mowing the grass or cleaning your house. Stick with Modafinil.

What is Modafinil?
Focalin– Focalin is actually one of the cleaner psychostimulant medications out there, if you decide to go after this one, take the recommended dosage, and make sure to eat well-Focalin is basically an XR version or Ritalin, and though in the medical literature out there it’s quoted as “stronger” to me it felt significantly weaker. Yes I’ve taken all of these-I’m a human guinea pig and former ADHD college student I know, don’t judge me. Anyways, I still prefer Modafinil over Focalin just because, while Focalin doesn’t have many side effects and feels clean while you’re on it the crash and withdrawals can be pretty bad. Modafinil also lasts a tad longer, and you feel more like yourself on it, with some of these ADHD medications it’s like the drug takes over-you aren’t even yourself for the couple of hours you’re on it.

Synaptol- Take Flinstones Vitamins as a cognitive enhancer before you take this stuff, felt absolutely nothing, just a big pharma company trying to scam over anxious mothers into a “safer” ADHD alternative. If you want something mild checkout our Racetams, or take Noopept, Piracetam or Oxiracetam-something of the like, you’ll save money and get better cognitive enhancers overall.

Desoxyn- Okay so I’m not going to sugar coat this….Desoxyn is in fact an ADHD medication, and the chemical name is “methamphetamine hydrochloride.” Not going to go into any more detail on it than saying don’t take this-even if some doctor is dumb enough to prescribe it to you. Why? That whole part about the “Methamphetamine” being in there…nuff said. Winner: Modafinil by default.

Vyvanse- Now Vyvanse is probably my favorite ADHD medication, tolerance is rare, it has an added amino acid to the ADHD medication formula so you can’t snort and abuse it (unless you microwave it to cook out the lysine….but I shouldn’t have told you that). I could take Vyvanse all day every day and be super productive, it’s far stronger than Modafinil also. If you can get this-I have to be honest and say take this over Modafinil, this is the true holy grail of ADHD medications. Winner: Vyvanse.

Concerta- Concerta is basically a weaker version of Ritalin XR. Pretty clean, however it’s noticeably weaker than something like Ritalin or Adderall. Modafinil is the better choice in this instance not only for being cleaner and devoid of excess side effects, but also because it is somewhat more powerful than Concerta. Concerta (other than synaptol) is the weakest of the ADHD psychostimulant medications.

Provigil– Brand name Modafinil, some say its slightly stronger than generic Modafinil you get, like Modvigil, I personally couldn’t tell the difference enough where I would pay an extra xx amount of money per bottle. Your decision.

Straterra- Straterra is supposedly another “non-side effect medication.” Yeah… it has no side effects because it doesn’t do anything, has like no effects period. Obviously if your doctor recommends it, go for it, personally however, I’d use caffeine over this.

Note* Any other ADHD Medications than these are either rarely prescribed or horribly ineffective.

Modafinil use in fighter pilots

Modafinil, because of its extreme effectiveness as a wakefulness promoting agent, is in fact used in the United States air force among fighter pilots who need an edge on long-training mission. This is in comparison to the amphetamines and methamphetamines that used to be used during WWII in the time of Nazi Germany-Provigil is the much safer, long-term alternative, and carries with it no extreme risk of addiction.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a highly potent wakefulness promoting drug that is far stronger than caffeine, and most other nootropics (other than Adrafinil-since Its nearly identical.) When you take a Modafinil, you’ll get a crisp, clean rush of mildly euphoric energy, and while it’s not as strong as taking an Adderall, it will significantly improve your focus and working memory.

What is Modafinil?
Side effects of Modafinil include headache, dehydration, increased thirst, loss of appetite, upset stomach, and insomnia if taken too late at night. As an analeptic drug, Modafinil is very potent, so you should maintain regular food, sleep, and drink patterns if you decide to take this over a long period of time.

Modafinil Dosage

Typical Modafinil dosages range from 1-400 milligrams daily, and the tablets come in the form of both 100 milligram and 200 milligram tabs. An even stronger variety of this, known as Armodafinil (its also somewhat cleaner, and even more potent than Modafinil) is now also on the market.

Modafinil serious side effects

While these are extremely rare, serious side effects of Modafinil include, heart attack, heart palipitations, seizures, and severe skin rash. These adversities rarely happen, and have only occurred in those who have taken excessive dosages of Modafinil (900 milligrams + all at once) or who have a pre-

Modafinil long-term effects


Over the long-term, Modafinil has no adverse effects-however, do not take Modafinil for months or years on end, Modafinil has not been studied on this scale as a nootropic (though as a narcoleptic medication, relapse of the disorder has occurred once long-term Modafinil use was immediately halted.)

Modafinil short-term effects

Short-Term, Modafinil gives a burst of fast paced, euphoric energy that lasts for 9-14 hours, depending on the dose taken. Modafinil is a very long-acting stimulant drug, yet doesn’t give the cracked out feeling that Adderall dose. When you take a Modafinil, it won’t give you the urge to work to the same degree, instead, start working before you take it, then when it kicks in, you’ll be in the zone, and unstoppable.

Modafinil User Reviews

Most users take Modafinil for the improved alertness and extreme productivity that it can offer. Modafinil, while not technically a stimulant, and instead a “wakefulness promoting agent” is the strongest drug of its class. Its chemical name is 2-Diphenylmethyl.

Modafinil Benefits

Modafinil in most online opinions creates effects that include alleviation of the symptoms of depression and ADHD, much improved focus, better attention to detail, and increased sensory output. Expect prescription stimulant effects very similar to that of an ADHD Psychostimulant, yet without many of the unpleasant side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Addictive Potential

The addiction potential of Modafinil is extremely mild because of how it activates histamine (wakefulness promoting neurotransmitter) much more significantly than dopamine (addiction neurotransmitter.)

Summary of Modafinil

What is Modafinil?
Overall Modafinil is the much better alternative, and comes with less side effects, more long-term potential, and doesn’t cause any withdrawals or addictive behaviors. Never take these two drugs at once, Modafinil will amplify Adderall’s effects significantly (speaking from experience here) and will cause heart palpitations-very uncomfortable, I wouldn’t recommend this.

What is Adderall?

Now Adderall, when you’re comparing Modafinil vs. Adderall, is a totally different story. Modafinil is basically a nootropic drug, yes it’s a schedule IV Prescription drug in the US, but you can get it online (you can get an analogue that’s nearly the exact same here on our website and get it shipped to you within a few days) and if you have some prescription Modafinil you got online, you don’t have to worry about doors being busted down anytime soon. Adderall however is extremely addictive, it’s a controlled substance, and unless you can somehow manipulate a doctor to write you a prescription for it, you’re out of luck.

Adderall Side Effects

The side effects of Adderall are also much more prominent and dangerous. When you take an Adderall, you’ll have no appetite at all (depending on your level of tolerance) and you have to constantly drink water throughout the day or your mouth will get so ridiculously dry it’s difficult to think about anything else. The withdrawals also leave you entirely debilitated-as far as the effects however Adderall is a truly great cognitive enhancer. Adderall is a controlled substance for a reason however, “amphetamine” is a highly potent drug, give it a google if you’re not 100% sure what an amphetamine is. With all these downsides what are you thinking is the better alternative so far, Modafinil or Adderall?

Adderall Dosage

Typical dosages of Adderall range from 5 to 60 milligrams daily. Tolerance to Adderall develops rapidly, and addiction is not unheard of among even young kids at all. To mitigate tolerance, many advocate the use of a high protein diet, weekend breaks, and supplementing L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, or L-Dopa on days you don’t take the pill (don’t take it along with Adderall it may cause adverse reactions in certain individual chemistry’s) and making sure to eat and sleep properly every night. Exercise can help with any issues with appetite or insomnia. Between Modafinil and Adderall, all benefits of amphetamine aside, Modafinil is far less dangerous.

Adderall Serious Side Effects

Serious side effects of Adderall may include fainting, heart palpitations, heart attack, psychosis, delusions and paranoia. Adderall is just brand name amphetamine, if abused or taken in the wrong amounts, it can lead to the same symptoms as speed freaks are forced to endure (obviously to a lesser extent…but the same basic effects nonetheless.)

Adderall History

Adderall was synthesized in the mid 1900’s as an ADHD medication, a treatment for fatigue and narcolepsy, and for help in the management of chronic obesity.

Adderall Research

Adderall is a well-researched drug and has been shown as safe in those with chronic ADHD. It has also been shown as addictive and counterproductive however, in those without ADHD who abuse it, or use it for purely cognitive enhancement means.


Adderall Long-Term Effects

Over the long-term Adderall can cause significant withdrawal syndromes that can make even the best of its effects less than worth it. Amphetamine withdrawal, when taken over the long-term can include, buildup of tolerance (if you started with 5 milligrams per day, after several years you might need as much as 60 milligrams daily) increased side effects, withdrawal symptoms such as depression and anxiety-I strongly advocate weekend breaks and L-Tyrosine if you take this.

Adderall Short-Term Effects

For the short-term however, Adderall is hands down the best there is. Adderall has a chemical name of dextro amphetamine, and is chemically identical to what the German’s gave their soldier’s on long missions in world war II-our US Air Force also used to use dextro before switching over to Modafinil. When you take an Adderall in the short term, Adderall quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier, so you’ll feel it working in less than an hour. From there, Adderall blocks the reuptake of Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and serotonin to a small degree, and gives effects such as increased focus and working memory, euphoria, and high levels of energy. Adderall can cause jitters, tremors, paranoid and delusions in high enough doses.

Adderall User Reviews

Most users who actually have ADHD give Adderall very positive reviews, and in those who don’t have it, while reviews are still positive, negative reviews about withdrawal are one in the same.

Addictive Potential of Adderall IMPORTANT*

Adderall is an incredibly addictive drug, and after just several times of using it, it can more often than not already begin the buildup of tolerance. While this is a fantastic medication in the short-term, ADHD or not, over the long-term, I would try to do everything possible to not take this regularly. Obviously if you have ADHD and it works for you, ignore this article (or think about switching to Modafinil.) Be sure to take weekend breaks and eat properly if taking Adderall on a regular basis is for you.

Final Wrap-Up of Modafinil vs Adderall

What’s better for you, Provigil or Adderall? Comment down below and I’ll get back to you with my opinions and trials within 24 hours!


  1. Robert Smith
    Robert Smith
    , 2016-10-24

    I am a professional long distance driver. I have only tried Modafinil but find it great; no side effects but I can feel greater alertness and concentration. I don’t take it all the time but I discovered it when I heard a radio prog about new interns. I asked my GP. She said as an intern she used coffee but that Modafinil seems safe and better. However I still prefer not to inform my employer.


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