What Is The Recommended Dosage For Nefiracetam Use?

What Is Nefiracetam?

Nootropics are becoming more and more a part of America. Students are taking them in greater numbers and universities and colleges have tried to ban their use, as it is felt that it gives those who take them over those who do not. However, in a highly competitive world, students in foreign countries have been using them for decades and drugs like Piracetam has been a common fixture in universities in Germany, France, and England.

Here in the States, you’ll find nootropics like our featured nootropic today, Nefiracetam. This child of the Racetam family, which has been in use since these drugs were discovered in the late 60s. Piracetam was the premier drug of this family and increased cognitive function, improved memory, relieved depressions and enhanced the senses to a remarkable degree.

Now take this and multiply the effect and you have some idea of what Nefiracetam is capable of doing. Medically it is used in Alzheimer patients and those suffering from dementia. It works by increasing the GABAergic, cholinergic, and monoaminergic neuronal systems abilities to function. This means that for the nootropic community it is a welcome addition in the realms of increased cerebral functioning and retention of information. You can focus longer and apathy is reduced and motivation in enhanced.

Memory and cognitive abilities increase. Nefiracetam also enhances:

● Attention span
● Focus
● Sensory perception
● Mental energy
● Protects nerve sheathing
● Has anti-oxidant properties
● Eliminates toxins from the brain


Various studies have shown Nefiracetam to be potent stress, anxiety, and depression fighter that makes it a better choice for some than the more frequently prescribed drugs such as Xanax, and Prozac, as there have been no toxicity in humans and the side effects are less than those experienced with these better-known antidepressants.

In fact, Nefiracetam actually protects your brain as it has cytoprotective properties and this makes it potentially a more useful drug in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other cerebral degenerative diseases. However, what is the really interesting benefits are its abilities in the mental enhancement arena as it has been shown to accelerate thinking abilities and enhances attention span, mental focus, and overall concentration.

You can now with one pill, become a poster child for the movie, “Limitless.” If you are a student, score higher on your examinations and study material at an accelerated rate. You retain what you learned for a longer period of time as it has been shown that over time it increases the brain’s ability to hold information and enhances the brains retrieval of these same facts for a longer span of time than otherwise is experienced by those who don’t use nootropics.

Recommended Dosages

You now have an alternative to Piracetam and Aniracetam, which is more potent than either. The dosages are more modest as well to get the same effect with the normal amount needed is 8-16 mg/kg of body weight. This translates to 330-1100 mg for a person weighing 150 pounds. For someone suffering depression, seizures, and Alzheimer’s the dosage may be increased up to 30 mg/kg but the lower dosage gives the best bang for the buck and should be divided up into 3 equal doses taken orally with food high in fat.

Side Effects

As with any supplement, side effects are possible. Most often, they are comparable with those suffered by some who take Racetams such as irritability, headaches, fatigue, stomach ailments, and nausea. Headaches can be alleviated or eliminated by adding a Choline supplement as a stacker to the mix of nootropics you are currently taking. Testing with canines has shown testicular toxicity but testing in primates it does not show up. The tests with dogs in done in larger doses than recommended in humans and testing to date have not shown these symptoms to appear in humans. The average Nefiracetam dosage is 150-450 milligrams at a time.

Long-Term Use 

As with any nootropic, your tolerance for the drug is one of the key factors in using Nefiracetam long term. Even though there has been no direct linkage to toxicity, it has affected some users in a negative manner where they get a numbness when it comes to emotional feelings. One reviewer notes it may have made him incontinent and affected his urinary tract. Piracetam, in contrast, does not have any of these reported problems.

So in the opinion of this writer, one should follow a use/rest strategy usage when one abstains from Nefiracetam for a few weeks before resuming use. The long-term memory improvement seems to stay with you during the period you are not using this nootropic.

Short-Term Use

Toxicity in humans is virtually nonexistent as noted for all Racetams. Increases in memory and cognitive function are accentuated. Anxiety and depression are reduced markedly. Stomach problems and headaches are possible. Taking this nootropic on an empty stomach is contraindicated. The drug otherwise is well tolerated and its maximum effect is reached in a relatively short time of 1-3 weeks depending on the individual.


Here you are going outside the recommendations of almost all nootropics where moderation is the operative word. Nefiracetam is a highly potent drug and taking in massive quantities may be harmful as with any supplement. Hard data is not available as this is a relative new nootropic and research is ongoing. Nefiracetam is one of the newer nootropics on the market. Because of this, it is still being looked at with a jaundiced eye, as are all nootropics by the FDA.

The nootropic community has welcomed it to the 126+ cornucopia of nootropics available today and it is to be inferred that down the road and even better form of this drug will become available. Side effects are what you expect in a Racetam and in most people are easily tolerated. There have been issues with toxicity in rats and dogs but nothing in human or primate usage and trials.

The benefits are that with a lower dosage than other nootropics you can get the increases in memory, cognitive ability, and mental clarity you are seeking. Along with that stress, anxiety, and depression melt away. You are also filled with more energy than ever.

So in this writer’s viewpoint, it will do more for you with fewer problems and that makes Nefiracetam a nootropic you should consider trying to see what it can do for you in your studies in school, your workaday world, and give you a boost in career, social situations, and life in general.

Stacking this drug is similar to that of any of the Racetam nootropics. As Nefiracetam is such a potent drug, it requires less of a dose to reach the level of effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, it is best to take a Choline supplement such as Alpha GPC or Centrophenoxine to offset headaches.

Many have experimented with adding various supplements together have been beneficial to enhance certain effects you are trying to achieve (i.e., clarity of thought or increased focusing, and relieving “Brain Fog”). Stacking with Aniracetam for a mood enhancement effect. While a stack of Nefiracetam and Noopept enhance focus. However, it should be done gradually and you need to keep records of dosages and the effects experienced to get the right stack that fits your needs. The Nefiracetam dosage should be adjusted based on what drugs you’re stacking the compound with.

As of this writing, no serious drug interactions have been noted. One study has shown that Nefiracetam can have a positive effect on morphine dependence.

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Animal testing has shown that Nefiracetam to have the results mentioned above in rats and dogs. But in Primates and human beings, no harmful effects are noted as of the time of this writing. People who use this nootropic have suffered no ill effects and even in larger dosages, no negative symptoms have been noted.

But with any supplement, checking with your doctor is always a good idea before starting to take anything new. They can tell you if there are going to be adverse side effects or interactions between Nefiracetam and your current meds.

Research is ongoing and Nefiracetam’s interactions with morphine are talked about here. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1196/annals.1316.048/abstract;jsessionid=975F5A7B69B0BE23FFC11EE57CCCC6E1.d04t03?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false

Here are some general thoughts about the entire family of Racetams. http://www.piracetam.com/piracetam-and-nootropics

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Online Reviews and Final Thoughts

● “I was able to think clearly for the first time in many years…”

● “My ADHD was reduced markedly…”

● “Focus is boosted to the max and if you are writing a thesis you’ll be able to do it in a flash…”

● “I was awarded for my graduation dissertation. I owe it to Nefiracetam…”

● “When taken for two months or more, overstimulation occurred…”

● “A feeling of dysphoria overcame me after taking Nef during the 2nd month of dosing…”

● “My stress doing exams vanished…”

● “I was able to focus and write my thesis in half the time and graduate with honors…”

● “At work, I can concentrate more clearly and ideas seem to flow…”

● “Colors seem brighter and even the scent of flowers is intensified…”

● “I can work longer without any sign of tiring…”

● “I don’t get distracted by every little thing going on around me…”

● “I got headaches at first but after I stacked with some other Noots and that went away…”

● “My work seems to flow in a never-ending stream. I feel like I can work all day and not feel fatigued…”

● “My webpages seem to code themselves and I make fewer mistakes…”

● “At meetings, people sit up and take notice when I speak. I now have more self-confidence…”

● “My grades are up. My mother and father are ecstatic and my profs don’t know what to make of the new me…”

● “After taking Nefiracetam almost immediately, everything brightens around you and you feel like you can do anything…”

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