Noopept and Piracetam Stack Benefits

Noopept and Piracetam Stack Benefits

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More about Noopept

The ‘pept’ in Noopept comes from the fact that it is a nootropic peptide, which is a part of the racetam family of smart drugs, prescribed for enhancing brain’s functionality and improving the cognitive capabilities among all age groups of men and women. In fact, Noopept is considered a thousand times more effective in its intended benefits than some of the most popular medicines in the same genre such as, say, Piracetam.In this article, we will see some Noopept and Piracetam stack benefits. When one powerful drug is stacked with another similar drug, benefits will generally occur. However, there would be a number of parameters the experts will want to establish before the actual benefits can be counted.


First synthesized in Russia, as many other similar drugs, Noopept helps in enhancing memory levels in people suffering from loss of memory. It has direct benefits in terms of reducing anxiety, brings down mood swings and irritability and aids in getting proper sleep. Taking Noopept regularly can help one in increasing one’s focus and in performing better among social groups. This smart drug can also control your mood swings and make you a calm and a cool person. It has indeed some great therapeutic qualities. The smart drug yields better results, if administered as an injection rather than in a tablet form. Fortunately, there might not be much side effects of Noopept.


This smart drug was first developed in 1964 by a Romanian scientist and it is the first known drug in the racetam family. It has since gained a huge usage base as a nootropic. Though Piracetam is not formulated to induce sleep or act as a stimulant, users have felt improvements in their cognitive functioning. However, some of its therapeutic qualities have not been fully established, especially in relation to its effectiveness in treating neurological disorders in patients immediately after a stroke. But experienced medical practitioners can help persons with Dyslexia or with learning disabilities by recommending the right dosage of Piracetam. So, one can re-cap the benefits of Piracetam as improved memory, increased learning ability and better focus. Anti depression and anxiety removal are other benefits that some users have reported. The recommended usage is one to three grams per dose. Piracetam users do have reports of certain side effects, such as nausea, headaches or some gastrointestinal issues. However, one has to hasten to add that most of these discomforts could be due to an excessive usage of Piracetam.

Stacking the Two

Stacking of these two dynamic nootropics could actually deliver a superb solution to people having multiple symptoms. For instance, an aged person with symptoms of Dementia could also suffer from memory loss and even sleep disorder. Such people would definitely reap Noopept and Piracetam stack benefits. Almost on similar lines, a young student having memory problems, which could lead to learning disabilities or the ability to retain the learnings for a possible reproduction in an examination could find a swift and effective improvement in these faculties by stacking the two smart drugs. However, always remember, you are dealing with critical drugs and the recommendation of a professional expert is a must. The effects are heightened, both complement each other, and long term, greater neuroplasticity, will be realized.

My Personal Experience – Review

The first time I took these two nootropics together, I went in expecting only the Noopept to kick in…to my surprise, (and a grateful one at that) however, I was wrong. When I would take Noopept on its own, slight tiredness would usually result, a known side effect of the drug, but not one that I had ever let get in the way of my success with the nootropic. When Piracetam was added to the equation however, the true Noopept and Piracetam Stack Benefits…..were realized. It was like the tiredness was not there, and that instead it was replaced with a simply euphoric energy boost. A great stack for focus, mood and overall intelligence. Though I personally have not tried this stack yet for the long term, the effects of this nootropic stack taken on a regular basis-could only lead to perfection:)

Final Thoughts

You can buy both of these nootropics right here in our nootropics store! And be sure to stock up on your choline when using this stack, makes it more potent and has the added effect of warding off any possible side effects!

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