What Is The Most Effective Dosage Range For Noopept Users?

What Is Noopept?

The best Noopept dosage, as described by our users, is typically 10-30 milligrams, taken 1-3 times daily. Noopept is a brand name for a synthetic nootropic molecule. This product has similar effects as Piracetam. It gives the user a mild cognitive boost after use. It also provides a psychostimulatory effect. It has a much lower dosage in the range of 10-30mg, compared to 4800mg for Piracetam. It also does give a neuroprotective effect after supplementation. There is evidence to prove that it does provide any benefit to users with no cognitive ailments is not available. More studies are needed to determine its main mechanisms that are responsible for its neuroprotective effect. Current studies indicate that Noopept has similar effects to Piracetam, differing only in the amount of dosage given.


It was developed in the 1970s in Russia by a Russian pharmaceutical company. It is now a government approved the drug in Russia. A patent application was filed in the U.S., the FDA has not yet approved the patent. The European Medicines Agency has not yet approved its use as well.


This drug has been used for the treatment of medical conditions in Russia and neighboring countries. There has been increased attention from the western world on its possible applications. Recent studies are putting it forward as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease and a number of other neurodegenerative disorders. Mental retardation is also likely to benefit from the treatment of this drug. It neuro repair properties are also expected to be of great benefit to the immune system and general body health. It is expected that it could boost the immune system and help alleviate amnesia symptoms. More work is being done to see it can find application in the relieving of symptoms of organic central nervous system disorders.


The benefits that have been shown to come from its use include memory improvement, learning and being able to recall. This drug benefits both memory consolidation and also memory retrieval. It basically improves both long term memory and short term memory in addition to facilitating faster recalling abilities. From this point, it benefits outweigh its competitors by far.

This drug can not only prevent brain cell damage due to oxidation stress, but it can also reverse the damage in some cases. There are studies indicating that it can actually increase the levels of nerve growth factor (NGF). The Nerve Growth Factor is responsible for the specialization of new neurons and synapses. This is vital in the development of long term brain memory. Noopept is also able to flush out potentially toxic substances from the brain including calcium. These properties qualify it as an antioxidant. Noopept was actually developed to reverse the damages caused by drugs and alcohol abuse on the brain.

From user reviews and experience logs, this drug has been shown to have a positive effect in terms of gain in cognition abilities. Some users have said that this nootropic helps to reduce the “brain fog” sensation thereby making it possible to participate in mental pressure exertion activities for long periods of time. Some of the benefits include the ability to engage successfully in mathematical computations, logical reasoning, creativity, increased verbal flow and faster thinking. It has been suggested that this drug could actually be used to improve the drive and motivation of users.

Recommended Dosage

To get the greatest benefits, users of Noopept are taking it 2-3 times a day. An average user should start off at 10mg a day, taken twice. Once as a user one is certain about its effects, only then can they increase their dosage. The maximum that is recommended is 20mg three times a day. Taking a higher dosage than this is not recommended as it may have negative effects due to the high potency of the drug.

Side Effects

One of the most important characteristics that have distinguished Noopept is that it does not cause headaches. This is because it does not accumulate in the body. The main concern is the irritability it causes after the user has taken it for an extended period of time. The best way to deal with this effect is for the user to cycle on and off to deal allow the body to readjust.

Many nootropics cause headaches. In contrast, Noopept seems to actually reduce the frequency of headaches. It also does seem to reduce or not cause gastrointestinal issues. These issues are common with drugs such as Piracetam which is actually much less potent than Noopept. This is because only very small doses are needed for it to work. This is believed to be why the stomach discomforts are much reduced. There is a very small possibility of some people getting an allergic reaction. Individuals suffering from hypertension should avoid the use of this drug before consulting their doctor. This is because the added stimulation may not be ideal for them. Those who are under 18 years of age, as well as pregnant mothers, should avoid this drug out of an abundance of caution.

Long-Term Use

The drug is more beneficial in the long term if used in the right dosage. The fact that it does not seem to be retained in the body means only its positive effects are retained in the long term. It is however only continued usage that yields the desired effects of this drug.

Short-Term Use

In the short term, this drug has no effects if usage is stopped. The positive effects will also cease shortly afterward. It is also not addictive and users will not feel an urge to continue using it.

How Long Does This Last?

Noopept does not accumulate in the body. Its healing effects are also retained. This makes it one of the best drugs to administer to a patient. For self-administration, it will work wonders for the user preparing for exams or intensive study activities.


There is ongoing research on how this drug can be improved to treat dementia. As of now, it has proved best in the way it treats short-term memory loss.

Is Noopept Legal?

This drug is legal in Russia but it has not been approved on the U.S. It is however under investigation as a possible treatment for dementia.

Online Reviews

Users who have used this drug do not find it to have any negative effects. Generally, it has only positive and passive reviews. It is well known for its potency and effectiveness in small doses. Some users also benefit from its stimulating effect.

Final Thoughts

Noopept is a wonderful drug that can be used by anyone who is not under prescription medication. It is has proven that it does not have negative side effects. It is also proven that in the long term it does not exhibit negative side effects. This drug is, therefore, a promising step in dealing with dementia.

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