The Sublingual Use Of Noopept

What is Noopept?

It is a nootropic supplement. A nootropic supplement is a drug taken to boost brain activities such as focus and awareness. Some people refer to nootropics as smart drugs, memory enhancers or even intelligence enhancers. The drug is a chemical compound containing mainly organic chemicals such as carbon. Its scientific name is ethyl ester. It is given as medication or supplement in different places of the world. Noopept, when used sublingually, displays increased potency to a significant degree in its user, making it not only the most popular route of administration but also the preferred method of dosing. For best effects, take one of our capsules, empty it onto the tongue, and let it dissolve beneath.


Noopept can be used both as a prescription drug and a supplement. As a medicinal drug, it is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and many other illnesses that affect the brain. It is also used to help boost the immune system and overall health.

Its use as a supplement has been clearly covered in the article with the benefits of improving factors such as focus and memory. Uses of Noopept sublingual dropper dosages should be consumed in lower amounts, as sublingually is more potent. For best effects, take one of our capsules, empty it onto the tongue, and let it dissolve beneath.


Noopept is significantly stronger when taken sublingually, then when it is simply swallowed whole. This is because the drug dissolves faster, and thus crosses the BBB (blood-brain-barrier) much much faster, and does so with greater bio-availability and potency. The drug is mainly used as a supplement to increase one’s concentration by adjusting several factors in the body. The drug enhances the reasoning of one’s brain to control emotional states. The memory of the mind also gets a boost with this drug. The drug also helps specific neurons in the body to survive. The neurons are most of the time targeted by diseases. The supplement achieves this by increasing (Nerve Growth Factor) NGF and (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) BDNF levels. M-RNA cells are increased too boosting cell division in one’s body. The overall impact of the supplement is that it shows a significant protective effect on neurons, especially in the brain. Other benefits include:

  • It makes one think clearly by increasing improving attention span
  • Communication between the different parts of the brain is improved significantly.
  • Increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain.

Recommended Dosage

Noopept dosage has been recommended to be 10-30mg a day. This makes it easy to use compared to Piracetam which needs a recommended dosage of 4800mg to produce the same results as Noopept. One should not use over 60mg a day as it will have negative side effects. Noopept sublingual use is the most common way the drug is consumed.

Side Effects

When used as prescribed by the doctor, the chances of Noopept having side effects are next to zero. Exceeding the dosage is the main problem and may result in:

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Tingling
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

Some of these effects may also exist for those who get the dosage right too. They are just mild though and will die off with time. One is advised to see the doctor if these effects persist or seem to be adverse than usual. Too much overdosing may cause hallucinations

Long-Term Use

Using the drug for a long time may be though to have effects too. Well, this is true as just like any other drug, using it for a long time affects the normal functioning of the body. The difference between Noopept and other drugs is that its long-term effects are beneficial. First, one’s longtime memory is certainly improved. The drug does this by producing BDNF and NGF which may and up developing new synapses for the brain. The synapses are thought to improve long term memory significantly.

Secondly, Noopept is known to be an anti-oxidant to the brain which means it can remove toxins from the brain. By doing this and protecting the neurons, the supplement can undo effects caused by abusing drugs such as alcohol. This may make one look younger hence preventing aging.

Comparison to Other Nootropics

Close to Noopept in popularity is another Nootropic known as Piracetam. Both serve almost the same purposes. With Piracetam though, you may need to top it up with some choline. Piracetam has a higher dosage than Noopept making it clear that the latter is more powerful. Some pharmacists recommend that Noopept used with a few other Nootropics as it enhances its benefits but this is optional. Hence on what drug one should pick, this may be a personal decision.

Is Noopept Legal?

Different countries have different views and laws concerning this drug. Most nootropic supplements such as Vitamin B pills are legal all over the world. In the USA, the drug has no regulations or control laws imposed on it by the government. This means that it is legal to have it and can be found in most chemists in the area. Laws have only been made for the manufacturers and suppliers of the drug. It is also legal in the UK, Europe, Russia, and in most areas worldwide.

You may wonder why legalizing the drug is such a big issue. The drug has cognitive effects. This is the ability to erase sentiments. Some people may take advantage of this and abuse it to get rid of emotions instead of using it to boost brain activities. Apart from this, Noopept can also be abused in many other ways such as to relieve stress. Abusing it may cause harm and this is why some governments may be reluctant to legalize it.

User Reviews

A lot of people are satisfied with the benefits if the supplement citing that it has helped their memory and focus in a major way. Close to all users of Noopept confess that irritability is a sure side effect. Some may say that it has adverse side effects such as loss of appetite and short term memory loss even with the correct amount of dosage. The benefits, however, most say, outweigh the effects. For best effects, take one of our capsules, empty it onto the tongue, and let it dissolve beneath.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of this supplement surely outweigh its effects based on the facts discussed. The effects may even be insignificantly mild with the correct use of the drug that one would not have a problem ignoring them. I would recommend the supplement for students who frequently study up to late night and workaholics who find themselves buried deep in their work all day.


  1. Mark Buonomo
    Mark Buonomo
    , 2016-04-28


    I have a question regarding Noopept, I read that it is more effective when taken sublingually and more bioavailable but it is more convenient for me to take by capsules .
    Plus, the taste is horrible.

    How can I take the capsules by swallowing and get good results, Perhaps 20mg at a time instead of 10mg?

    Please advise at your earliest convienience as I had just purchased these from you website.

    Thank you

    Mark Buonomo

    • James Smoot
      James Smoot
      , 2016-04-30

      Yes that’s correct, in our article on Sublingual use of Noopept, we recommend purchasing our capsules, opening the capsule, placing the powder underneath the tongue in order to use it sublingually



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