How Noopept Feels -The Truth Behind the Real Limitless Pill

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How Noopept Feels -The Truth Behind the Real Limitless Pill

The word unusual with relevance to this drug is an understatement due to its extremely peculiar functioning, as well as permanent effects on the human brain when used over a long period of time. Noopept reacts on acetylcholoine to a small extent, much like the racetams, but also has an interesting effect on the size of neurons, attributing heavily to nerve growth factor (NGF) and resulting in the permanent benefits to the brain when used in the long term. Noopept should be used daily in a dosage from ten to thirty milligrams a day, and is best if used sublingually (if the tablet form is dissolved under the tongue), and for a period of three months straight, followed by a one month break. The more you challenge your mind, and try to ensure it is exhausted through mentally challenging tasks throughout each day (learning to solve a rubik’s cube, play piano, learn a language, write a book, etc.) the more long term benefits you will see as you go on, and as you get off the drug.

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More about Noopept

When I used this drug on myself, it was the first nootropic I had ever taken, and I can honestly say that I had not a clue what to expect. Half an hour after taking it however,  I remembered reading that the effects of nootropics are sometimes first noticed through an improvement in visual perception. I immediately began to gain an intense feeling of tunnel vision, as my visual acuity improved to such a degree I had felt as if I had gotten a new prescription of contacts.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally I had all of a sudden felt turned on, and began to clean out my now significantly messy college dorm room. I made my bed, then made my roommates bed, cleaned up my clothes, washed all of them, neatly filed away my papers into categories, and stacked both my entire dorm room’s text books so neatly it was almost akin to someone with OCD. Nearly an hour had gone by, and feeling clear in the head as ever, I began to bounce both my legs at my desk chair, not out of a physical blast of energy, but just out of pure excitement for life in general. I rolled my chair towards the front of my desk and quickly positioned my laptop parallel to my chest, and began to pound away at my fifteen page paper due the ensuing Friday. Four hours went by, and then another three on top of that as my paper was nearly finished. I placed the finishing touches on it throughout the next hour before scrolling through countless novels, answering emails I had been procrastinating on for weeks, and walking out of my dorm room and into the nearest frat party. Dancing seemed to come with relative ease, and a sense of excitement not known to me in my r

egular state of mind. Conversation was a blast and almost a necessity, walking up to perfect strangers and extending my hand to them in appropriate greetings.

Around the twelve hour mark however, my visual perception began to die down, and I knew what was coming next. I began to feel slightly drowsy, not like a crash from caffeine or other stimulants, but instead that I had succeeded in my activities for the day, and that my brain was asking me to let it function another day, that I had done all I could possibly do intellectually and emotionally in the twelve hour span, and that it was time to replenish my circuits.

Due to noopept’s long term effects however, the very next morning I decided to try my hand at it again, a desire to reap as many benefits from my first nootropic experience as possible. An hour after dissolving the bitter, clear tablet under my tongue, the visual improvements were back and noticeable, only this time without as many noticeable peripheral effects or excitation in my mind and body, just a steady, intelligent stream of clarity of thought flowing through my mind, that greatly surpassed the level of mental energy and fluid intelligence I was used to. The feeling continued each day for the three month period I used it daily, moving from ten milligrams a day, up to twenty, and eventually thirty, before moving back down to twenty, followed by ten, and even splitting the final tablet into a five, 2.5, and 1.25 milligram dosage before stopping for good. No noticeable benefits after having tapered off of noopept lingered, until I began studying once again. Speed reading became much easier, language learning became second nature, and calculus felt like something I should know, not just something I had managed to struggle by during the previous semester. Writing became no longer a boring task but instead something I looked forward too.

Final Thoughts

Now granite the long term effects of noopept were far beyond what I expected, don’t expect to just take it for three months, lower the dosage, get off of it and become a genius. Becoming a genius, and having the super powered, clear thinking brain you’ve always dreamed of with this nootropic instead comes from using it to your advantage in learning difficult skills, and reading to acquire as much knowledge as possible while on it for the duration. With noopept however, you’ll definitely have reason to use your mind, and to hone it to your highest possible extent! As always, remember to check out our nootropics store for all your supplement needs.

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